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MotoGP also loses India: Kazakhstan likely replacement

The organizer has indicated a willingness to move the event to March 2025 for reasons tied to September's weather conditions, but the reality of things actually seems different, and a return of the MotoGP to India is going to be difficult.

MotoGP: MotoGP also loses India: Kazakhstan likely replacement

The Indian Grand Prix scheduled for the weekend of September 23rd to 25th will be cancelled. We had already reported this about two weeks ago (read HERE), and  Loris Capirossi had practically confirmed it to us in our Barcelona TG (see video HERE). This decision hasn't yet been officially announced by Dorna, but our colleagues intercepted a communication from the GP organizer, Fairstreet Sports, which leaves little to the imagination.

This is the text attributed to Pushkar Nath Srivastava, CEO of Fairstreets Sports:
"The decision to move the race to March next year, aiming for the first or second week, was the result of a collective agreement among all stakeholders. The unsuitable weather conditions for racing in September posed significant challenges to both riders and stewards, as noted last year. With the support and vision of the UP government, the race in March will be more grandly organized and will aim to set a new standard of excellence in motorsports events."

However, the reality of things seems different: the real reason for the cancellation of the Indian stage is probably a financial problem related to the contract with Dorna. They evidently didn't receive what was contractually stipulated for holding the GP at the Buddh. Without this stage, the MotoGP is likely to see the calendar return to 19 rounds, but there's always the - at this point quite concrete - possibility of repositioning the Kazakhstan GP on the September 23rd date. The Kazakhstan GP had been canceled because of the floods that affected the areas near the circuit.

An official announcement from Dorna regarding the cancellation of the India GP and the possible repositioning of the Kazakhstan GP on the calendar is expected to arrive later today.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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