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MotoGP, Dall'Igna: "Masterful Bagnaia, Martin generous, Marquez amazing"

Ducati's GM takes stock after the all-Red podium in Barcelona: "a masterful hat trick. If I wasn't aware of Pecco's merits, I'd say he never ceases to amaze me."

MotoGP: Dall'Igna:

Gigi Dall'Igna can only be happy after another all-Red podium in Barcelona, his third in a row. It's no surprise that the Ducati is the best bike on the grid, and when talents like Bagnaia, Martin, and Marquez are riding it, the rest comes without saying. So the general manager was able to enjoy another memorable Sunday, the best appetizer to get to the main course at Mugello.

"Yet another awesome Ducati podium, another excellent result that fills us all with pride. A masterful hat-trick that expresses the strength of our teams and the flair of the champions representing them. A joyful moment to be shared together, the best way to acclaim everyone’s work - was Dall'Igna's comment If I wasn't fully aware of Pecco's enormous merits before, I would now say that he never ceases to amaze me: he is always capable of adding “that extra something” to his talent, in all its diverse aspects. Today in particular his character and superb race preparation triumphed. We clearly saw the psychological strength that distinguishes true Champions: exalting themselves precisely at the most difficult moment. After the Sprint Race epilogue, with his fall on the last lap inevitably leaving its mark, Pecco was still able to regain the right determination for a challenge that on the whole, and for several obvious reasons, was extremely delicate indeed. With courage and a granitic awareness he led and managed the race with sagacity: he knew exactly what to do and when, he read the race as if it were a book he had already written, and interpreted it to perfection letting it unfold exactly as he had planned. Above all, he didn't make the mistake of staying in the lead at all costs, but knew exactly how to calibrate tyre wear, delicately paying it out through to the end of the race. Yes, another masterstroke, one of his finest ever! This masterpiece win at Montmeló, Pecco’s first here, where there had been no Ducati victory since 2018."

Gigi was also not sparing with his compliments for the two Spaniards: "Second was an ever combative and generous Martin, with his immense heart, a veritable star that today could do nothing to counter Pecco's absolute and unstoppable comeback, after having already spent precious resources and energy in the fight at the top. The umpteenth and exciting comeback of an amazing Marc Marquez, already a steady protagonist, rewarded with his third consecutive Sunday podium, one that completes another resounding leader board for our bikes. 

The head is already on to the home race: "Oh yes! And now: roll on, Mugello! It's good to get there feeling so hyped up, it's the right prelude to the big motoring party that this event deserves, come what may. We’ll be giving it all we’ve got, so that our wonderful fans can celebrate even more! We look forward to seeing you! "

Translated by Julian Thomas

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