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MotoGP, Claudio Domenicali: "Ducati cares about winning, but marketing is a plus"

"It will not be easy to get both Spaniards to stay, but perhaps it is not impossible either. The talent of the rider is not the only element that matters, his impact on the team should also be evaluated. Marketing? We care about winning, but if whoever comes in were to be strong commercially, that would be a plus."

MotoGP: Claudio Domenicali:

Having also archived the Montmelo weekend with Bagnaia's success on a circuit that had certainly not been favourable to Ducati last year, the attention of the Borgo Panigale company immediately shifted to two other appointments: the first on the track next weekend at Mugello, the second more projected into the future, with the awaited decision on who will ride alongside the Italian champion in 2025 in the factory team.

In Barcelona, if you will, the latter headache became even worse because of yet another podium finish that featured, along with the Italian, the two main candidates for the factory seat, Martin and Marquez.

On the subject, CEO Claudio Domenicali tried to shed some light during an interview with AS, starting with an analysis of the Barcelona GP. "Pecco started calmly, showing lucidity in waiting for the right moment to attack so as not to ruin the tyres too much. Jorge was fast as usual and surgical in everything. He kept a strong pace and perhaps to stay with Acosta he wore down the tyres a little too much at the beginning. Marc, on the other hand, had a crazy race proving that you can overtake even on a track like that," he said before moving on to the point that interests everyone, which is the one related to the line-up for the upcoming championship.

"The decision will be made after this weekend, but before Assen," he indicated the time frame for the choice, implicitly confirming that it will not go beyond the June deadline.

In the back rooms however, a bit of chisel work is being done for all the pieces of the puzzle to fit together. "The talent of the individual rider is not decisive, you also have to consider his impact in the team. Will marketing play a role? For us what matters is the sporting aspect because the goal as a brand is to win, of course, if you then add a commercial component to that, it's all gained."

Although one cannot expect to have one's cake and eat it, the intention is clear. "It won't be easy to get both Spaniards to stay, but maybe it's not impossible either," was the comment that is meant to ward off talk about an ongoing negotiation between the eight-time world champion and KTM.


Translated by Julian Thomas

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