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MotoGP, Fast by Prosecco Barcelona, Pernat: "It's going to be a three-rider battle."

In the company of an excellent Prosecco DOC, we commented the championship weekend in Barcelona with Carlo Pernat. From Bagnaia's victory to Marc Marquez's comeback. Martin leads in the standings, while Bastianini was penalized.

MotoGP, Fast by Prosecco Barcelona, Pernat: "It's going to be a three-rider battle."
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Pecco Bagnaia triumphed in Barcelona, breaking his two-year curse. Jorge Martin learned from his past lessons and ended in 2nd, safeguarding his leadership in the standings. Marc Marquez replicated for the fourth consecutive time since Le Mans, an outstanding comeback and reached the podium. Aleix Espargarò also had an excellent race on his Aprilia and, after greeting his home circuit, he announced his retirement for the end of the season. Too bad for Acosta, who fell while fighting for the podium. It was also a race to forget for Bastianini who was given a series of penalties that later turned out to be wrong.

Carlo Pernat's opinion:
"It was a good GP. It's a championship destined to be battled out by three riders. An outstanding Bagnaia once again proved that he's number one. He was with his bike for two years, and still is. Martin is satisfied. Risking points when in the lead is wrong. Despite starting from behind, Marc Marquez continued to do "the Marc Marquez" thing.  An eight-time world champion doesn't suddenly lose his talent. The current championship is about these three riders, who'll be in the battle again.As for Bastianini, something strange happened: he was penalized after a contact with Alex Marquez, which  pushed him out (ed. there actually was no contact). He thought it was a joke, but when you get a penalty you have to respect it. He didntt, though, and received a second one. Didn't respect that one either and, in the end, he received a 32-second penalty. An appeal was made after the race. The photos proved he was right, but nothing could be done about it.

"Along this GP and these riders, let's not forget about Aleix Espargarò, who had a great race. After he announced his retirement, he seemed faster. Vinales had his usual ups and downs. It's time for him to play his cards well if he wants to fight for something valid. KTM lives, thanks to Pedro Acosta. If he hadn't fallen, he would've been there fighting for the podium. Binder and Miller were far off. Apart from Acosta, KTM had some problems with its riders. But there's time to improve. The bike is competitive, the development is good, they have concessions, we're expecting more. Aprilia also has a strong and competitive bike. They're working well, but they have to win and fight for the title because their bike allows it. It's difficult to talk about Yamaha and Honda today. Assessing Yamaha is going to be difficult, until the ongoing development doesn't show results. As for Honda, the road they're seeking still seems distant. In this world,  fixing the race direction is crucial, but I think Freddie Spencer is making out-of-this-world decisions. It's time for the matter to be thoroughly discussed."


Translated by Leila Myftija

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