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MotoGP, Pit Beirer: "Marquez and Martin in KTM? They're not our priority."

"We already have our superstars, we just have to let them express themselves to their fullest. Ducati's future? Their decision will definitely unlock the market."

MotoGP: Pit Beirer:

Despite the fact that it's still early on in the MotoGP season, the riders market has already been going mad for the past few weeks. What's making the paddock chatter is mainly the future of the official Ducati team or, rather ,who'll be joining Pecco Bagnaia in 2025. For now, the most popular names are Jorge Martin or Marc Marquez, the same two that rumors are pairing with KTM.

During the Barcelona GP, the Austrian team's Motorsports Director, Pit Beirer, clarified the situation, denying any approach and referring to the rumors: "I was asked if we were going to take on one of the two, and I tried to get myself out of the discussion right away. I didn't want to look like this important guy who could have a guy like Martin and Marquez. I think we cannot. It was my moment to protect our riders," the team manager said, as reported by Crashnet.

So their main goal is to start getting results with the present riders.  "Our motivation, at this stage of the year, is to get our four guys up to the performance level of the two Spanish riders. We care about Binder making it, and we'd like the same for Miller and Fernandez. At least, at this point in the championship, we don't want to talk to other riders, to put pressure on the riders we have," he remarked.

If Brad and Pedro Acosta have long-term contracts in place, the same can't be said for Jack and Augusto whose contracts are nearing their expiration. What will become of them will probably also depend on Borgo Panigale's decision. "The whole paddock is watching. After, for sure, there will be some movement. Managers will start to run. It's an interesting and exciting moment. I hope the paddock gets balanced out and each factory has their superstar. We already have superstars," Beirer concluded.


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Translated by Leila Myftija

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