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MotoGP, Clamorous Barcelona: Bagnaia falls at last lap while 1st, Espargarò wins, Marquez 2nd

Everything that could happen did in the Montmeló Sprint, with Pecco falling at the last lap as he was reaching the victory. On the podium, Acosta ahead of Martin. Binder and Raul Fernandez also fell. Bastianini came in 5th, followed by Di Giannantonio, Miller, Vinales, then Bezzecchi 9th, and Quartararo 10th.

MotoGP: Clamorous Barcelona: Bagnaia falls at last lap while 1st, Espargarò wins, Marquez 2nd

Most everything that could happen in the Barcelona Sprint Race did. Pecco Bagnaia fell at Turn 5 on the last lap while in the lead, serving the victory on a silver platter to Aleix Espargarò. Marc Marquez, who started 14th, came in 2nd, relegating Acosta to 3rd ahead of Martin. Enea Bastianini was 5th, followed by Di Giannantonio, Miller, Vinales, then Bezzecchi 9th and Quartararo 10th.

Other riders who fell include Raul Fernandez, Binder, and Zarco. Morbidelli came in 11th, then Rins and Nakagami, followed by Alex Marquez.


ROUND 13 - Clamorous turn of events! Bagnaia falls in the last lap at Turn 5, handing Aleix Espargaro the win. Marquez comes in 2nd, overtaking Acosta, who has to to console himself with a 3rd place.

ROUND 12 - The last lap begins with Marquez attached to Acosta.

ROUND 11 - The scuffle is all about the 3rd place between Acosta and Marquez, separated by less than a tenth. Pecco, on the other hand, secures the 1st place ahead of Aleix, while Martin settles for 5th.

ROUND 10 - Pecco has four tenths on Aleix, while the images show us that Marquez lost a wing at the start. The Spanish rider is fourth behind Acosta.

ROUND 9 - Bagnaia tries to trim half a second off Aleix's Aprilia. Acosta is 3rd and hounded by Marquez, while Martin seems to lack the drive to stay glued to the top four. Zarco falls.

ROUND 8 - Another turn of events! Binder falls, so Pecco Bagnaia is in the lead, with Aleix Espargarò behind him after overtaking Acosta. Marquez is 4th at 788 thousandths from the top, followed by Martin. Bastianini is 6th, Diggia 8th, and Vinales 10th, while Quartararo and Bezzecchi are out of the top ten.

ROUND 7: The classification, with Binder first and Marquez 6th ahead of Martin.

ROUND 6 - Turn of events. Raul Fernandez falls at Turn 10 when leading the race solo. Pedro Acosta rises tot he top, with  Binder and Bagnaia behind him. Martin can't overtake Aleix and is still 6th.

ROUND 5 - Raul Fernandez tries to trim eight tenths off Acosta, while Binder is 3rd. Bagnaia is hounded by Aleix Espargarò. The top four are packed within eight tenths, while Morbidelli will have to serve a long lap penalty.

ROUND 4 - Raul Fernandez is in the lead, with Acosta taking 2nd at the expense of Binder, and Bagnaia 4th. Pecco looses a second and a tenth from the top. Aleix's Aprilia is 5th, followed by Martin's and Marquez's Ducatis.

ROUND 3 - Hot race: Raul Fernandez takes the lead, followed by Binder, with Acosta 3rd, and Bagnaia dropping to 4th after a double overtake. Marquez also makes his way up, now 7th behind Martin.

ROUND 2 - Head to head between Acosta and Bagnaia, with Pecco called to defend his leadership from the rookie's attacks. Raul Fernandez resists in 3rd, with Binder and Aleix Espargarò glued to him. Watch out for Martin, who's very close to Aleix's Aprilia, with Bastianini and Marquez in 8th. Di Giannantonio is 12th, Quartararo 13th, and Morbidelli 14th.

ROUND 1 - Bagnaia immediately takes 1st position, with Acosta glued to the Ducati. Fernandez 3rd, followed by Binder and Espargarò, Martin 6th, then Bastianini and Marquez, with Miller and Oliveira closing the ten. Bezzecchi 16th.

Here we go! The Barcelona Sprint starts now!

14:58 - The Warm-up lap starts now!

14:55 - Tires confirmed. Everyone with medium front and soft on the rear for these 12 laps on the Catalan track.

14:50: The anticipation rises at Montmeló for the sprint race. The drivers are already all lined up on the grid, we remain only waiting for the communication from Michelin regarding the choice delel tires. Recall that today Pedro Acosta celebrates 20 years and starts from the fifth box on the grid.

14:45 pm: Just 15 minutes to the start of the Sprint. Apparently the drivers are leaning towards medium front and soft rear. We will see if this choice will be confirmed or not. At the moment there 23° in the air, 44° on the asphalt.

3:00 pm: The MotoGP Sprint Race will be starting in Barcelona. On pole will be Aleix Espargarò, role player in qualifying, to the extent that he took the first box, to the detriment of Pecco Bagnaia, while Raul Fernandez completes the front row, since he gained back his previously deleted time. Jorge Martin, victim of a fall during Qualifications in the morning, will instead be starting in 7th, while Marc Marquez, who failed to get past the Q1 hurdle, will be 14th.

The starting grid.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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