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MotoGP, Bagnaia: "I crashed going slower, 12 points down the drain"

"I take responsibility, but the grip is a disaster and they don't want to resurface the circuit. Tomorrow it will be important to finish the race, Saturday is affecting my ranking too much."

MotoGP: Bagnaia:

When more than two hours have passed since the end of the Barcelona Sprint Bagnaia appears before reporters, but the time passed has not improved his mood. You only have to look at his face to understand his emotions. "I'm really pissed off, it's normal - Pecco declared - When you crash for a good reason it's easier to digest, when it happens to you because of the asphalt conditions it makes you more angry. Crashing with 9 corners to go makes you pissed off."

Did you understand what happened?
"I was in the pit box an hour to analyze everything, it's best to do that when you don't understand why you crash. It seems that going into that corner slower, with the same pressure on the brake, can make you go down. Normally that couldn't happen, but on this track, with the grip being a disaster, yes. Even when Binder crashed, I didn't see him make any particular mistakes."

So it's even worse...
"I don't know who to blame. When you crash, 90 percent of the time it's the rider's fault, and I take responsibility. I kept more margin but I went down. We have to analyze everything and try to be more careful in this kind of situation tomorrow, when the race will be longer and it will be important to finish it. It's three Saturdays in a row that I've been fast in the Sprint and never made it to the finish line because of problems or crashes. I missed another great opportunity today: I was the fastest, I was in the lead and I was managing, but it was not enough. For tomorrow we have to take the positives from today, there are many, and finish the race that is too important. It seems that in this circuit I have some problems in succeeding."

Did you not lose concentration at that moment?
"On the contrary, I was totally focused. I know how to win and it would have been a victory in my style - I had controlled everything perfectly. It 's really curious to look at my data, it was a really strange crash, like the fact that all the riders in the lead went down today."

Would it have been better not to be in front?
"When you're behind someone it's always a problem. Especially with the KTMs, it becomes more difficult to brake, maybe because of their aerodynamics. Today we were all on the limit in the left turns and tomorrow it will be worse. I don't know if being in front makes it easier to crash, but it is certain that this track is a disaster. It should be resurfaced, but in the Safety Commission they told us no and so it will be like this for the next few years. We hope they do something because it's not good to see so many crashes in all categories, they should think about it."

Espargarò said he could see you making mistakes and pushed to put additional pressure on you.
"I only had one small problem with the gearbox on the penultimate lap, coming out of Turn 5, but honestly I don't know what other mistakes Aleix saw, I was simply faster than him."

In the first few laps you seemed to be struggling.
"As soon as I saw the way they were pushing, I told myself to wait, I just tried to save the rear and in the second half of the race I was in fact faster. At this track, it's important to do that in the Sprint as well."

How much does this zero affect your approach to tomorrow's race?
"Little or nothing for tomorrow, but a lot for the championship, it was 12 points down the drainIn Jerez I had the speed for the podium, in Le Mans also, here it was practically won ... before today, I had scored 14 points in the Sprints and Martin 50, while on Sunday I 77 and he 79. This is affecting everything too much."

Will tomorrow be a more complicated race than today's?
"It's hard to know. Today I felt good with the soft tyre, I wasn't pushing and I was faster than the others, we'll see tomorrow what choice we make. I usually feel better with the medium, but it looks like the temperatures will rise and the problem could be the front."

One last thing: in qualifying they wrote off your fastest lap, did they tell you why?
"Tardozzi went to look at the images because I absolutely had not seen the yellow flag. They showed him a still image, not even the video, where I am leaning to the left and the flag is on the right. Fortunately, I had another fast lap, but I was close to Raul, who got his time back - it's strange. It's okay, I'm still 2nd, but it would take a little more consistency in certain decisions."


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