Marquez: "A 9th title? It would be, by far, the most valuable of all."

In an interview by Mela Chércoles for AS, Marc bares his soul and reveals how he managed to rise again, and also what happened when Honda told him  they wanted  Jorge Lorenzo at his side

: Marquez:

To write a good interview, you need two things: an honest interviewee and a good journalist. Motorcycling has both with Marc Marquez and AS's Mela Chércoles who got something new out of an eight-time world champion. One who, over the past four years, has been interviewed hundreds of times. Yet, this is the best one ever.

I don't want to steal his thunder, so read it here. I'll just give you a quick preview, with two of his answers.

If you were to win another title, would it be the most valuable of all the ones you've won so far?
"By far. The ninth would be the most valuable of all. They've always  said that it's not difficult to get there, but to stay there. I managed to stay for many years, but then I disappeared, and  recuperating is the hardest thing. It's something that few athletes have achieved, and I'm working on it. In 2021 and 2022, with my arm in a sling and other operations, I looked for motivational documentaries."

Marc then spoke of  other athletes, like Michael Jordan, Rafael Nadal. A mirror in which he sees his reflection and recognizes himself. A strong crutch to lean on in moments of despair, which there had been.

Marquez knows that that heps an uncomfortable presence in Ducati but one that's necessary, because (let's not beat around the bush). the world champions of the "Marquez-less" years, such as Mir, Quartararo and Bagnaia, need a consecration to establish themselves.

It's true that there are years which are less but also more difficult in the career of a sportsman, but what makes him great is just accepting whatever obstacle is in front of him. And, now, the obstacle is back for them, and his name is Marc Marquez. They'll have to beat him, this year but also next year, when they'll likely be on equal ground, in order settle the score with the fate that made them champions in years when the number one rider was in the infirmary.

And the confirmation of this was in an answer Marc gave to Mela, when he was asked about a possible future alongside Bagnaia. What would he do? The response is in the story.

"If I were in Bagnaia's position, and I'm fast on a Ducati, I'd say the same thing I said when Lorenzo switched to Honda ... I want one of the guys who can fight for the title with the same bike by my side, because I'll then have the same weapons. I've always had that mentality. At the time, out of respect, Honda told me that they were going to sign Lorenzo, and I said of course they had to sign him, because otherwise he would beat us with the Ducati, so it was good to have him there."

Every once in a while we get to read interesting and not predictable things.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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