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MotoGP, Shocking Espargarò: "I'll be a test rider, but not with Aprilia." BMW in sight?

Excluding KTM, since it already has Pedrosa and his brother Pol, Honda and Yamaha might be interested ... but so is BMW, while it's on the hunt for technicians and maybe riders for development

MotoGP: Shocking Espargarò:

Aleix Espargaro's retirement might not have been such a surprise to those who closely follow Aprilia's "Captain". Aleix has been riding the Noale bike since 2017 so, after the announcement that his MotoGP career will be ending once the championship is over, many believe he'll be a candidate for future test rider of the RS-GP, alongside Lorenzo Savadori. Yet, that might not be the case.

The rider from Granollers spoke about this in an interview with DAZN.

"I've spoken with all the brands, but it probably won't be Aprilia," he said.

Excluding KTM, which already has Pedrosa (one of those who inspired his retirement), as well as his brother Pol, who's also with the Mattighofen-based constructor, and Ducati, which has Pirro, Aleix might be on the market for Honda or Yamaha, two constructors that both need an immediate revamping.

However, a long-term commitment with BMW can't be ruled out. The constructor is sounding out the MotoGP paddock and, although it's not seeking riders for the time being but technicians, it might still be attracted to the talents of the eldest of the Espargarò borthers. After all, everyone knows that the Noale constructor doesn't have a bottomless wallet, and Aleix is doing the math as he thinks about his future.

So, if negotiations were actually ongoing with the Munich constructor, the only negative factor would be the possibility of wildcards, since we're talking about 2027, when the new technical regulations will be coming into force.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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