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MotoGP, Marquez crashes in training and posts image on Instagram

The Spaniard of the Gresini team does not deny himself and even in the break from racing he does not repair. Engaged in a session on the dirt track along with his brother Alex and Moreira, he slipped getting a good graze...but also 167,000 views!

MotoGP: Marquez crashes in training and posts image on Instagram

Marc Marquez and crashes travel in tandem. Even when not racing, the Spaniard has to combine a few of his own to Ducati's delight. This time the misdeed happened during last weekend at Circuit Alcarras, near his native Cervera.

There the eight-time world champion, was training on a dirt bike along with his brother Alex and Moto 2 rider Diogo Moreira when he slipped.

The session included testing different types of motorcycles and bicycles on three different sections of the track, but evidently something went wrong. Testimony to what happened was provided by the Gresini Racing rider himself, posting a series of pictures of him in action on his Instagram page, including one of his injured left arm. Nothing of concern however and above all no danger of having to skip the Catalan GP scheduled for next May 26.

After a start of the championship between lights and shadows, in the very last events the Iberian has managed to find the right interpretative key for his GP23, so much so that in the recent round of Le Mans he made the podium in both the Sprint and the Grand Prix.




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