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MotoGP, Bezzecchi: "Me at Aprilia? You need two to marry."

"There might be a possibility.  could've moved to Pramac in 2023, but I don't regret staying with VR46. Now I just have to prove that I'm worth the promotion to an official team."

MotoGP: Bezzecchi:

Should I stay or should I go? This is the question Marco Bezzecchi is asking himself regarding his stay at VR46 Racing. So far the protagonist of a season with more disappointment than joy has admitted that he has not ruled out a move to Yamaha or Aprilia starting in 2025.

This wouldn't be a new situation for the rider from Romagna, in his third championship in the premier class. In 2023, he had been tempted by Pramac, which was positively impressed with his performance. But, in the end, he decided to remain loyal to Valentino Rossi.

"I had actually thought about the possibility of leaving, but I don't regret staying. It's always easy to talk in hindsight, but I'm still convinced that I did the right thing," he said uin an interview with Sky before defining his ambitions. "I've improved a lot, and I'd really like to become an official rider. But, to succeed, I know that I'll have to prove I deserve the opportunity," he acknowledged.

A direct door to Noale might open up if Aleix Espargaro decides to quit MotoGP. "Some steps aren't taken alone, and both parties have to agree. Kind of like in a marriage. But it's still early to discuss it," he admitted.

The 25-year-old rider then analyzed  the technical aspect and  critical issues he's encountering on his Ducati GP23. "Compared to the GP22, it's more complicated, not to mention that the tires are new. I've adapted quickly as far as entering corners is concerned but, when I'm in the middle of changes in direction, I struggle, especially when I touch the throttle. At that stage, the grip increases a lot, and I experience understeering. In any case, I'm working on it, and I'm optimistic," he concluded, also in the light of his strong podium finish in Spain on Sunday.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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