Pernat: "For Bastianini Pramac is an option, but we are talking with Aprilia"

"Marquez has rocked the boat, I don't think he will go to KTM. After Ducati's decision the market will have an acceleration, first contracts already at Mugello"

: Pernat:

The flames of the rider market are smoldering under the ashes in the Borgo Panigale offices. Ducati is stalling the negotiations by taking its time to decide who will be Bagnaia's teammate between Martin, Marquez and Bastianini. All that's left for the others is to wait and then conclude with those who will be excluded from the choice. Carlo Pernat, Enea's manager and a connoisseur of the rider market, knows this too well.

"Ducati's decision, which will probably come after the Mugello GP, is blocking everyone: KTM, Aprilia, Yamaha - says Pernat - At this moment, no one wants to make contracts, there are maybe voice agreements, which have the value they have. I understand Ducati because they have three very strong riders and if at the beginning they thought they would leave two of them without a ride, now their mentality has changed. I have the impression that it wants to keep two of them and so it will be putting pressure especially with Pramac, but Yamaha is pushing hard with Campinoti. These days there will definitely be talks, my guess is before Mugello Pramac will also decide what to do."

Today, Martin seems the favorite for the factory team, at this point Ducati could offer Pramac Marquez or Bastianini, provided they want to go.
"It is a possibility, if they decide for Jorge, in my opinion Ducati will make proposals to Marc and Enea to stay with the factory bike in a satellite team. That I think is the way it is going."

Would Bastianini agree to being moved to Pramac?
"The priority is to stay in the official team, everything else is still to be seen. Going to Pramac with an official bike could be a possibility, but it's not certain. I speak as a manager, the sirens of Aprilia, KTM and even Yamaha are calling. I can't hide the fact that Aprilia has important aspects, there would be the Italian bike and rider combination and a competitive bike, I am negotiating with them as with others. Whichever way it goes, Enea can find a place in an official team."

Does Bastianini still hope to stay in red?
"If Ducati is postponing the decision it is because they still have confidence in him. We should not forget that Enea missed out completely last year, he had arrived in a new team without Giribuola, with a new bike, was immediately injured, could not train, got hurt again on his return to Barcelona and, despite being at 70 percent, managed to win a race. Ducati reconfirmed him because they could not judge him for that season, and now they also believe - and I say also - in him."

Martin, Marquez and Bastianini are within 40 points of each other in the championship, does the thought of being able to lose the future world champion scare Ducati? What would you do as a manager?
"Now it's late, different choices had to be made earlier. I always said that Marquez's arrival in Ducati would rock the boat after they had created a successful young rider policy. Now it is difficult for them to know what to do, they created this problem for themselves."

How does a rider react when he is in the situation of having to fight for a place in a few GPs?
"Riders when they race don't remember these things, but it's clear that they think about it when they are at home. There you can see everyone's strength, but that is not the only factor. For example, Enea in qualifying in Le Mans ran out of fuel, as he explained, and started on the fourth row. I'm not asking for Bastianini to be lucky in these races, but only not to be unlucky. Starting further in front he could have fought with the frontrunners, he set the fastest lap at the end."

What does Bastianini think?
"It is a situation that has never existed and we are all a bit, from the riders to the managers, on our toes. Enea hopes to stay with Ducati, but we are ahead in negotiations with Aprilia and KTM, and we have open talks with Yamaha. The goal is to arrive at Mugello with clear ideas and there we can make pre-contracts, I'm sure there will already be something written there. "

Does Bagnaia count for nothing in this decision?
"Rightly they may have asked him for an opinion, but then Ducati goes its own way, makes its own evaluations. That's not what makes the decision."

Pit Beirer said Marquez is not a realistic option for KTM, do you believe him?
"I believe him. Miller and Augusto Fernandez are not doing what they were supposed to do and they need a rider for GasGas, in fact I am talking too. Anything is possible, but it is difficult to see Marc in KTM having already Acosta and Miller."

Once Ducati decides, will the market accelerate?
"Absolutely, especially for the big guys, as early as the next day. The manufacturers will not be able to wait, those who do will lose out."

In addition to Aldeguer, will anyone from Moto2 arrive?
"It will depend a lot on whether Yamaha will make a second team or not, and Aprilia also has to change something in Trackhouse. People are talking about Joe Roberts, so he might take a spot. Maybe there could be another one in Yamaha, should Arbolino wake up a bit, and also Vietti, who if he goes strong would have the jump secured with KTM."


Translated by Julian Thomas

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