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Cremona welcomes SBK and thanks Biaggi: what's the track like, how much has it changed?

THE INTERVIEW - Canevarolo, Circuit Administrator, speaks: "Max helped us with his guidance. Cremona was supposed to be on the calendar in 2026. Narrow, slow track? Donington doesn't seem faster to me and Jerez is not much wider."

SBK: Cremona welcomes SBK and thanks Biaggi: what's the track like, how much has it changed?

Today it will be the turn of the girls in the Women's World Championship, and in a week's time the protagonists of the Superbike World Championship. The Cremona track is therefore preparing for its first test bench, in anticipation of the world championship round in September.

On the instructions of Dorna and FIM, several renovation works have been carried out in recent months with the aim that the track meets all the requirements. We talked about this and much more with Alessandro Canevarolo, Sole Administrator of the Cremona Circuit.

"The Cremona track was born first and foremost as a track dedicated to the passion and enthusiasts of two wheels," Canevarolo began , "one step at a time we got bigger and bigger and in 2020 there was a first implementation on the safety front. Of course there was the dream of one day getting to host Superbike, but not before 2026. The fact is that last year we went to Most and it was in the Czech Republic that the possibility of a World Championship race emerged."

How did you move at that point?
"Obviously we were well aware of the fact that interventions and investments would be needed, consequently we talked at length with Dorna and FIM and received all the necessary indications. Racing in May would have been impossible, however, there was room for September, so we agreed."

Let's get straight to the point: there has been much talk in recent months about Cremona amid doubts and perplexities related to hosting a World Championship race. What is the truth?
"I think it is pointless to hide, as I read the comments myself. The first thing I would like to say is that the Superbike race will dispel many doubts and perplexities, many of them dictated by envy that Cremona will host the World Championship. Let's go point by point, though."

"There has been talk about the critical situation of the paddock. In this regard, I can guarantee that the paddock will accommodate all the teams and insiders of Superbike, SuperSport and Women's World Championship, as we have done all the calculations and are certain of this. A new Race Control will then be installed and three 60-meter bridges will be built so as to connect the inside and outside of the circuit thus facilitating movement. As for the service road it will be completely paved while for the media we are considering an additional outdoor marquee so as to guarantee a place for all those who will attend. Finally, there will then be skyboxes for all interested companies."

Then there is the talk related to the general public.
"For the public, on the other hand, grandstands will be erected so as to guarantee a reception of 20,000 fans. We would have liked to have a larger number, but for this year we have to limit ourselves to 20 thousand. One thing I would like to emphasize is that Cremona will allow all fans to see as many as two if not three sections of the track, consequently favoring the show."

As for the track, however, where are we at?
"The track work is finished and the track has come to an overall length of 3,768 meters. In addition, the layout has been renovated in turns 11-12-13. All the directions given to us have been respected despite the fact that the work machine had to deal with adverse weather conditions, which slowed down the work to some extent. However, we are ready for the first tests and curious about the feedback from the riders. In this regard, I would like to thank Max Biaggi. We have often seen him ride in Cremona with the Aprilia as well as Vinales, and Max has given us many useful tips to improve the track."

Speaking of opinions, Aegerter said the track is narrow and slow.
"The track has three straights of which one is 950 meters and another is 450 meters and the average speed never goes below 150 km with a lap average around 1'29". In comparison Donington seems slower to me than Cremona. As for it being narrow I would like to mention Jerez, a track that does not seem to me much wider than ours, yet they welcome Superbikes and MotoGP. As I have already said I understand the misgivings and doubts, but I am convinced of the quality of the work done and that which will be completed over the ten-month period, leading up to the September race."


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