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MotoGP, VIDEO - The time machine: Cecchinello on his Honda 125 after 20 years

Lucio's technicians surprised him by bringing him the bike he had won his first race with to the track: "I relived special feelings."

Before being a great team manager, Lucio Cecchinello was a great rider. A 125 specialist, he raced in the World Championship from 1993 to 2003, winning 7 races and standing on the podium 19 times. Twenty-one years ago he abandoned the handlebars to devote himself completely to his team, LCR, but his passion for speed has never left him and he still loves going to the track.

However, he would not have expected the gift his mechanics gave him. "Since my last race, I had never been on a Grand Prix bike again," Lucio says in the video you see above, " One day when we were riding around the track, my technicians unloaded the Honda 125 I had won my first race on. I couldn't tell if it was a dream or reality."

It was real, and Cecchinello didn't miss the opportunity or even his rider's instinct: "I immediately set out to check the position of the handlebars, the levers, the footpegs."

When he got back on the saddle it was as if time had stopped: "I started to feel the classic vibration of the 2-stroke when you warm it up, its wonderful noise. I got on the track and started reliving those wonderful moments we spent together, when it was just me, her and the track - were his words - It's hard to explain the emotions. I was able to relive those moments when you accelerate, you feel the vibration of the handlebars and the tachometer coming up to 13,500 rpm, then you change gears, come on the brakes, you feel the bike stiff and you slide it into the corners like it was a gokart: those are special sensations."


Translated by Julian Thomas

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