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MotoGP, Espargarò: "If I were team principal Acosta and Martin would be the dream team."

The Spaniard, while waiting to decide on his own future, envisions the perfect dream team: "First I would secure Acosta, he is the man of the future, in the next 10-12 years he will play an important role. In speed and consistency Martin is Number 1, he is the strongest rider at the moment."

MotoGP: Espargarò:

For MotoGP in a little more than a week's time it will be the turn of the Montmeló circuit in Barcelona, the sixth round of a season that since its early stages has been making sparks fly, on and off the tracks. In the paddock, thanks to an incandescent riders' market, and on the track, thanks to races like those at Jerez and Le Mans that prove once again that Ducati continues to dominate the rankings, but it also does so thanks to riders of a certain caliber such as Martin, Bagnaia, Marquez and Bastianini. The order is not random, in fact the standings speak for themselves, with the Spaniard leading the world championship with 129 points.

However, Barcelona will also be an important crossroads for another rider, Aleix Espargarò. The Spaniard, riding an Aprilia that has always done well here, is about to tackle his home circuit, the one where he grew up, with his eyes and thoughts turned to the future, his own. The racer who will turn 35 in July and who has been an integral part of Aprilia's project, development and rebirth, had declared, "I have the feeling I have done something good, I will decide after Barcelona and Mugello" . A debt of gratitude for the Spaniard's contribution to the Noale manufacturer, which has pushed the RS GP to the highest levels to the point of battling with the Ducatis, therefore goes without saying.

Moreover the timing coincides with the deadline self-imposed by Ducati to decide the fate of the second seat in the official team, which is being fought out between a very fast Martin and still the leader of the world championship, the current rider Enea Bastianini and a certain Marc Marquez, and it is logical therefore to think that Aprilia will bet on the one who is excluded to grab a profitable contract.

Although Aleix still has no clear ideas about his retirement, the Spaniard is keen to express his view on the possibilities available as well as his idea of the perfect team if he were a team principal: "If I were the team principal, it would be clear to me what to do. The first thing to do would be to secure Pedro Acosta. I have no doubt that he is the man of the future. If you think about the future, you cannot plan without Pedro Acosta. In the next 10-12 years he will play an important role. That's for sure: Pedro would be in my team."

In fact, the KTM protégé, currently 6th in the standings with 73 points, has not simply amazed fans and insiders with his results, but rather with his ability to adapt to a MotoGP bike that by almost all riders is considered difficult to tame. On the future of the Tiburon de Mazarron at the moment there is no doubt, he will dress KTM colours and in all probability the Austrian manufacturer will want him in the factory team alongside the already confirmed Binder.

Aleix also has no doubts about the teammate of this imaginary dream team.
"When it comes to who is number 1 in terms of speed today, Jorge Martin. His potential to win races, his consistency and his bite make him the strongest rider right now, for me. So, my dream team, if I had to say anything, would definitely be Pedro Acosta and Jorge Martin."

Martin, Aleix's fraternal friend and rival, is to all intents and purposes Bagnaia's chief rival since last season when he fought tooth and nail for the title with the Italian until the last GP in Valencia. Martin's eventual arrival in Aprilia would not be too remote a possibility, should Ducati opt for Marquez. Aleix and Martin even share the same manager, Albert Valera, who is also Acosta's manager, so in an imaginary world Aleix's dream team dream could also materialize as both riders are still very young, but certainly not in the near future.

Translated by Julian Thomas

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