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MotoGP, Brivio: "Ducati blocks rider market. Everyone's talking but nothing's happening."

Trackhouse Team Manager: "Right now, we have to wait. We don't necessarily have to raise young riders for Aprilia. We want better results."

MotoGP: Brivio:

The riders market is a favorite topic in the paddock and also among fans right now. Everyone wants to know who, between Martin, Marquez and Bastianini, will be filling the empty seat next to Bagnaia on the official Ducati team. It's the tip of an iceberg, and the choice will cascade to all the other moves made. Davide Brivio, an old MotoGP fox and head of the Trackhouse team, knows this well. He's also waiting to decide his plans for the future.

"There are so many things going on, but everything is blocked until the official teams make their move, starting with Ducati," he said, explaining his analysis to "When that happens, we'll have some disappointed riders who might then look for another official team. And, once all those bikes are taken, we'll have other disappointed riders," he said, jokingly.

This means Brivio is waiting to make his own move.

"Right now, we have to wait," he confirmed. "We also have to figure out what Oliveira and Fernandez want to do. Everyone is talking to everyone but, for now, nothing is moving."

Although Trackhouse is a newly formed team, it's very important for Aprilia. It's where young talents are raised, but not only. In fact, there have been rumors lately of their interest in Mir and Rins, the two riders Davide had brought to Suzuki.

"We have our own ambitions. Those of fighting for the best possible positions. So, we don't necessarily have to raise  young riders for Aprilia," Brivio stressed. "It's always exciting when you find a grade talent, but we want to keep trying to continue reaching better results."


Translated by Leila Myftija

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