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MotoGP, Rins: "Quartararo's race in France? Nothing that special."

"We are struggling with the same issues and by sharing data I know where he is faster than me. My GP? Problems at the start with the lowerer and then the brakes. We have to work with Yamaha to make the bike faster."

MotoGP: Rins:

The Le Mans GP saw him finish in second to last place, worse than him only Marini on a Honda. Alex Rins' French weekend did not go as he would have liked, and beyond the mediocre performance, aided by the critical issues that continue to characterize his Yamaha, the apparent competitiveness of his teammate did not do his morale any good.

Indeed, Quartararo occupied an honorable sixth place before he crashed, and he himself, hot on his heels, said he finally felt comfortable in the saddle. Lending support to the thesis that the M1 albeit limping is more suited to the transalpine's style is also the gender ranking that places him in 12th position with 25 points, while the Spaniard is 20th at 7.

In spite of data and numbers, however, the former Suzuki does not stand for it, and commenting on his colleague's race last Sunday, he told Speedweek tranchastically, "In my opinion Fabio's race was not as fantastic as it has been described. At the end of the day we are both struggling with the same problems. He can look at my data and I can look at his, so I know where we are respectively more competitive."

In light of that reflection, the Iberian wanted to rattle off the problems he encountered: "At the start, the lowerer did not activate and I wheelie. At that point I found myself behind Luca. it was not easy to overtake him, so it took me a while before I had clear road ahead."

The hiccup at the start was not the only one, however. "The brakes also gave me some headaches and I kept slipping. Now we'll have to treasure the information we gathered and figure out how to make the bike faster," he finally remarked in anticipation of the Mugello test.

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