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MotoGP, Borsoi: "Martin is even stronger than 2023: we have the best rider."

"Jorge has taken another step forward from last year, especially in mentality. I don't want to talk about his future but about the present, because we have an incredible opportunity to win the title."

MotoGP: Borsoi:

Back in 2023 Jorge Martin had already managed to take some satisfaction on the Le Mans track, where this year he experienced a perfect weekend, dominating the scene from the first to the last exit. Leading already from Friday, the Spaniard of the Pramac Racing team grabbed the win in both races held in the Sarthe department, even taking the whim of making pole position and the Bugatti circuit record his own. A demonstration of the level and maturity achieved by the 26-year-old in this incredible start to the season, which was commented on by Pramac Racing team manager Gino Borsoi at the end of the French GP.

"We have never seen anything like this from Jorge. We know he is a talented rider, he showed his speed already last season, especially in the last part, but this year he is even stronger. He has had some fantastic races so far and today's was his best race of the season. He was able to fight with two incredible riders and also win the race. Not only today but also on Saturday, when he also made the record in qualifying," the Veneto manager reminded the official MotoGP website, "What else can we say about Jorge? He is an incredible rider and we know we have another chance this year. We will see what happens in the future, but I think we have the best rider at the moment."

Fast and consistent already at the end of last season, Martinator has further raised the bar in this championship start.

"He has taken another step forward from last year, especially with regard to mentality, which has improved from last season. He knows he has all the tools, the bike and an incredible team behind him," Borsoi explained. "He has another great opportunity and all we have to do is get to the circuit and work for the weekend without doing anything special, because he is fast every weekend not just in one race. There are no ups and downs like maybe there were last season. The speed is there every time, so we don't have to go crazy looking for something different from what we have right now. We know we have a very good base and everything we need to fight. We'll see how it goes, but like I said, we don't have to go crazy for the title, although we definitely have an incredible opportunity."

In fact, after the first five rounds of the championship, the Madrid native is at the top of the world championship standings with 129 points, 38 ahead of two-time champion Francesco Bagnaia, the first of the chasing group. It's still early to talk about the title, but what would the result be for a satellite team like Pramac?

"It would be the perfect scenario for Jorge and the team if we were able to beat Pecco and Marc Marquez, who also showed incredible speed in this race. It would be even better, because winning the championship against riders who are not particularly fast is great but it's not as incredible as it would be this season, because we have a perfect show and extraordinary races ," the 50-year-old underlined. " I think the spectators are happy to see an incredible show like the one seen here. I hope we will have races like this in the future as well, and it would be really nice to be able to beat all these guys."

Looking right into the future, it is impossible not to wonder what color and brand of bike Martin will be riding in 2025.

"Everyone is talking about Jorge's near future, whether he will stay with us, whether he will go to Ducati or to another manufacturer, but right now we are focused on the season because we know we have another great opportunity. I don't want to talk about the future, I want to talk about the present ," the Team Manager cut the story short. " Now we are in the lead and we have an incredible rider who is first in the championship and we have to keep that attitude. Maybe we can talk about the future later, but now is not the time."


Translated by Julian Thomas

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