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MotoGP, Quartararo: "The fall? What matters is that I felt good in the saddle."

"Thanks to the changes in the morning, the bike improved a lot. If I slipped it's because I was giving it my all, but I'm finally back to fighting with the strongest and catching a glimpse of the podium. The Mugello test will serve as our counterevidence."

MotoGP: Quartararo:

He was occupying sixth place, but then slipped, thwarting all efforts. In spite of the result Fabio Quartararo archived the Le Mans weekend satisfied, for the sensations felt in the saddle and for the semblance of recovery partly materialized in this Sunday's GP.

"Honestly I am happy because for the first time this year I felt competitive and I fought with riders I used to fight with in the past like Espargaro and Vinales . Unfortunately, with ten laps to go I crashed, but being in this position and knowing that I was able to give my best - he said before unveiling - This morning we made an important modification to the bike and having felt a slight improvement I chose to keep it for the race, also asking the team to use it as a base for the future. The day after tomorrow we will have a two-day test at Mugello and so there will be an opportunity to do the verification on a totally different track, however today I rode very well and I hope we can continue in this way. What has improved? The grip on entry first of all. In my opinion we need to review the electronics, because we are still not well set up, just see how my M1 was moving in turns 5 and 6 compared to other people's bikes, also it is very heavy and does not curve, but step by step we are growing and going in the right direction."

Asked directly how much he needed such a race, finally among the front lines, the Yamaha rider said, "Mentally it's definitely something that helped me. Of course, it is frustrating to have lost everything, however, the podium was not very far away and the pace was also good. It's true that in Jerez I had done a good Sprint and had a good start, but half the riders in front of me had retired. Here, however, I was able to duel. Although we still have a long way to go, we will get there. Was I on the limit at the time of the crash? Of course, I was at my best from lap 1 and it's already a miracle that I didn't end up on the ground earlier, but when you're in front of your home crowd, you want to give everything and not even have a 1 percent margin . By the way, when I came back to the pit they were all shouting my name and it was exciting. Hopefully next year we can repay them with a good run and throw them gloves and boots."

About the differences noticed compared to Saturday afternoon, the 25-year-old explained, "Maybe I had made the wrong tire choice yesterday, or maybe it was the set-up, the fact is that today I felt much more comfortable."



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