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MotoGP, Vinales: "Goal for the GP? A lone head-to-head with Martin."

"Today we expressed less potential than expected because of the overheating of the rear tire, an abnormal problem that we will have to study with Michelin. Too bad because we are in a good moment. Tomorrow? Hopefully it won't rain."

MotoGP: Vinales:

Starting from the third position and finishing third in the Sprint Race at Le Mans Maverick Vinales gave another joy to Aprilia despite some concern at the tire level was not lacking

"In terms of times I expected more since at the beginning of the race I was lapping in a very good 1'31"1-1'31"0. Instead, all of a sudden, the rear tire started to heat up and I lost ground. Something that had never happened to me during the weekend. Therefore, it will be crucial to solve the problem for tomorrow when there is a longer race ahead. The truth is, I had a hard time containing Bastianini. I had to play by experience and cunning. I tried to cool down the tires as much as possible in three/four laps and then I pulled back. The key was to stay calm. Considering the hiccups I had, today's result is worth signing. Overall, I am happy. Tomorrow? I'd like to go away with Martin and play it together. I think there is room to play it," he said at the end.

Returning to the race, the Noale-based team's rider said, "I got off to a pretty good start. At the first corner those on the inside like Bezzecchi and Espargaro got the better of me, but then I recovered. Despite having to run defensively at the end I brought something home . What do I think about now? Only to improve because my goal for the GP is to attack. The first task for tonight, though, will be to figure out why the rear overheated since in terms of temperature we had always been perfect. However, it is clear that we could have slipped to sixth/seventh place and instead kept ourselves on the podium. I hope it will not rain tomorrow, otherwise we would be facing a great challenge that, in any case sooner or later we will have to face. In the dry, however, we will be able to have our say, so I'm optimistic, especially if it doesn't get very hot."

Asked about the front locking, the Iberian finally stressed, "It has improved a lot. The only hiccup was precisely the very hot rear tire, so we will have to analyze together with our technicians and Michelin's technicians. This defect did not allow us to express the full potential, otherwise we could have played with Marquez and maybe even Jorge. We are having a good period at the level of form and we have to continue with high morale."




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