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MotoGP, Marquez: "The start was a combination of concentration, risk and instinct"

"There was also luck: I didn't think I would do 2nd, but it was my best start in MotoGP. Although everyone talks about the start the most important thing for me is the pace I showed afterwards. This morning I found my rhythm again by changing the set-up."  

MotoGP: Marquez:

After the heated duel with Francesco Bagnaia in Jerez, Marc Marquez was again one of the great protagonists of the Sprint Race run today at the Le Mans track, which he concluded in second position thanks to an extraordinary comeback from the fifth row. A magic result accomplished thanks to a masterpiece of a start, which allowed Marc to move up to fifth immediately after the start, and then set out to chase the podium.

"I didn't know I was capable of finishing second either, but we knew how to suffer this weekend. The goal, talking with the team, was seventh or eighth place, because I didn' t expect to gain so many positions at the start, " Marc recounted after the race. "I've made several good starts in my career, like in Valencia in 2012. Even in MotoGP I made some good ones. In Malaysia I did some good ones, like in Holland, or in Mugello, but this was my best start with the current MotoGP bikes, because now, with the holeshot and all the devices, the bikes of all the manufacturers manage to start well and it's really difficult to be able to make a difference. It was a good start, a combination of concentration, luck, risk and instinct, and my start is what everyone is talking about now, but the most important thing for me is the pace I showed from the second or third lap on, when I started to go after Bezzecchi. I rode well and consistently in the Sprint and that makes me even happier. With that pace, I would have been happy even if I had finished fourth or fifth."

Even without Bezzecchi's crash, the Team Gresini rider could have clawed his way to the podium behind Martin, but it's doubtful he would have taken all the risks necessary to attempt an overtaking move.

"I had something extra for the last laps, but, to be honest, I didn't know whether to risk it or not, because I saw that Vinales was already two seconds away. I told myself that with the start and the race I had done even finishing third wasn't bad at all. So I don't know if I would have taken advantage of the opportunities I had under braking, but I was consistent, I was going very well and I was comfortable - he commented - We knew how to suffer, despite starting thirteenth."

Qualifying was indeed the big stain on the Saturday of the 31-year-old from Cervara, who was left out of Q2.

"I am angry with myself, because in Q1 I was not convinced. Yesterday I made a mistake together with the team, we took too many risks by following a completely different direction during practice with the set-up of both bikes and so I remained out of Q2. Then in Turn 1, during Q1, it happened just what I had talked about before, which is the fact that I feel much less comfortable being behind someone with this bike. I learned from what happened, though - explained the eight-time world champion - I could say it was the yellow flags because then I was fast, but that's not the reason. It was my mistake. I was lucky that Miller crashed first, but a few years ago, without that run-off areae, it would have been a very dangerous moment."

Crucial to Marc's comeback, aside from the start, was taking a step back in the bike's set-up.

"This morning I found the rhythm. We learned a lot this weekend, both me and the team, because decisions are made together. We went back to our base, then of course it was also a matter of understanding the path taken by the other Ducatis on this track, especially Martin and Bagnaia, who know this track better than we do," he recounted. " We went a little bit towards that direction, then we adapted the electronics to this new base configuration, and in the Sprint we were able to take a big step forward on the electronics front, and that helped me to be much smoother."

Despite his marked change in pace, however, the eldest of the Marquez brothers is convinced that he would not have been able to beat Martinator even starting on the front row .

"Today and throughout the weekend, Martin and Bagnaia were a little bit ahead of the others. It's easy for them. Maybe I would have finished in the same position," said the Catalan rider, who is convinced that tomorrow could be a Grand Prix that offers him the best chance. "The wet weather can sometimes be your best friend and others your worst enemy, so I don't know. Today I felt I had the pace to make a comeback, but repeating today's start will be impossible. Plus, even if I were to make a good comeback, there are three or four riders who are very fast, namely, Martin, Bagnaia and Vinales, plus Bastianini. If the race is dry I will have the big handicap of starting from 13th place, while if it is wet it will certainly be more open."

However, it is difficult to think of a plan of action for the long race: "You cannot have a plan by starting 13th. The strategy starts after the first lap, also because with the heavier tank you can't attack in the same way as today - he noted - It will also depend on the weather, because if it is dry, starting from that position, it would be good for me to be able to finish in the top seven and the Top 5 would be fantastic, but it will depend a lot on the start. "

Marquez then concluded by giving his opinion on the problems Pecco experienced in the Sprint race and the differences between the first and second bikes.

"When I passed him it seemed like he didn't engage the front lowering device and that's something that can happen. Other than that, I don't feel any difference between one bike and the other, although sometimes we change something between one day and the next," he admitted, "It is still true that for me for example, this bike is more sensitive from a riding point of view, in the sense that there is only one way to ride it. Yesterday I was struggling with the bike and it was the first time it happened to me, and I certainly couldn't keep riding it that way, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to take advantage of its potential."


Translated by Julian Thomas

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