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MotoGP, Espargaro: "By now close to Ducati in braking. Objective? The podium."

"So far I have never been able to finish in the top three, however, we have the potential to do so. The penalty? Fair, blame the clutch, which I don't love, on my Aprilia. Rain during the GP? I hope not, but the cool weather will make tire management easy."

MotoGP: Espargaro:

Sixth on the Le Mans Sprint Race grid Aleix Espargaro crossed the finish line one position ahead, sealing an overall positive Saturday for Aprilia, although from a personal standpoint the Spaniard did not hide some frustration.

"I'm quite disappointed because I don' t understand how the clutch of my RS-GP works and I don't like it. Almost in every race I have risked an early start and here it happened to me. Although I did not gain anything, I moved the bike and the rules must be respected. Overall the bike responded well , the feeling in the saddle was good and only Martin proved to be faster than me. Given the two Long Lap Penalties finishing in the top 5 is not bad," his hot analysis.

Trying to explain the critical issues he is encountering at the start, the 34-year-old said, "It's hard to know in which position the bike can start moving. In those moments you just want to be ready to take off. All I can say now is that we have to improve from that point of view because I don't feel comfortable at all."

Looking ahead to the GP and the likely cool and wet conditions, the Noale team rider joked, "Typical of this circuit. It was today, however, that we experienced an atypical and strange situation. I think in terms of tire management, if that was the case, it should be a little better since this Saturday, with the heat, it was not possible to get a good understanding of the grip levels. I still hope that it will not rain, as when it does, it is always a lottery. Did Vinales complain about the rear end overheating? Not me, I have to say that the tires responded well. In general, the bike gave positive feedback. In particular we have come very close to Ducati in terms of braking, something unthinkable until a year and a half ago. The Desmosedicis remain ahead in cornering speed, however, our overall balance has progressed and we can be more consistent. Now I just have to prove it by getting on the podium, a goal that for one reason or another has eluded me in this early 2024 . That said, no excuses, let's continue to work hard, considering that we are competitive and have proven it more or less in every race weekend," the closing with a spur to himself.


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