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MotoGP, Di Giannantonio: "My future? I know I am in the queue in view of the market"

"But I am one of the most consistent riders, with VR46 I have the opportunity to do well. With Diego we have a plan A, B and C. Honda's proposal last year? They and VR46 were different projects, impossible to judge them now, Honda will be competitive again."

MotoGP: Di Giannantonio:

Since joining the VR46 team Fabio di Giannantonio has maintained positive and consistent performances. The difficult start to the 2023 season is now a distant memory for the Roman rider, and he proved it again today in qualifying at Le Mans, closed with an excellent 4th place on the grid behind three official riders, Martin Bagnaia and Vinales. In the race, however, it is clear, the variables are many, and the excellent prospects faded due to a drop in traction that forced the VR46 standard bearer into a defensive struggle on the French circuit.

"It's the first time I've closed a sprint without a real hiccup," he later joked with reporters after his seventh place finish at the checkered flag. Results then that may have some value in the drivers' market, and Fabio does not hide that he wants to continue his path with the VR46 team.

"Today we immediately struggled ," Fabio admits, "we were ready to make a very good sprint because the feelings in the morning had been very good, but then at the start they vanished. I couldn't find linear traction and the bike was moving a lot. There was a lot of sliding and that didn't allow me to have a consistent pace. The break was good, then a contact in turn 6 made me lose a few positions, but basically the lack of traction didn't allow me to be incisive in overtaking, so I had to suffer trying to limit the damage. It's the first sprint I've finished without a hiccup, this at least is positive - he then jokes - now we'll analyze the data to avoid a repeat tomorrow."

A tire issue? Your teammate also mentioned it.
"I would like to know, it's all a bit strange, now they are analyzing the data."

Net of the sprint, qualifying sees you start 4th from the second row.
"It's a very good position, the potential to do well is high, I would like not to get these surprises when you enter the track. Sometimes in MotoGP when you enter it should be all the same and instead everything changes, maybe the trick is to reduce this variable."

The weather could change the balance.
"I like wet weather, I would not have any problem in case," the Roman rider responds confidently.

There is a lot of talk about the market of course, last year they made you suffer for a long time, until Valencia. This year your performance is good, what are your expectations?
"I'd like to continue with the same team, especially because in the last four years I've always changed team and chief technician. I would like to finish a path let's say. At the same time we're doing very well, I'm among the most consistent riders, although I' m aware that I'm in the back of many changes that are happening and will happen in the near future. With Diego we have ideas, a plan A, B and C, but in the immediate I am focusing on my performance."

Rumor has it that Puig sought you out; last year you were among Honda's options, but Marini was chosen. Given the Japanese manufacturer's difficulties, do you consider yourself satisfied with signing with VR46?
"A very pointed question! - Fabio jokes with journalists - I don't know anything about these market issues honestly. If so I am pleased, Alberto Puig has been working in Honda for many years, he is a prominent name in MotoGP. The way the two teams are now are two very different projects, I joined the VR team which for me is a very good opportunity to be able to do well in my career. Obviously you don't have a factory team behind you, it's a different experience. Now Honda is suffering a lot but I'm sure in a short time they will be competitive again. So I cannot give a qualitative judgment on the two, when I signed they were both two interesting and different projects, obviously now I am happy with the work we are doing with the VR46 team."

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