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MotoGP, Espargaro: "The new regulations will improve safety and the show"

"Today exaggerated aerodynamics and devices make overtaking too complicated, so it's good to change something. Accidents are part of racing even though as you get older you feel the risk more. The goal for Le Mans is to get on the podium."

MotoGP: Espargaro:

His start to the championship has not been as sparkling as that of his team-mate Vinales, fifth in the riders' general standings with 63 points compared to his 39 as eighth in the class, yet Aleix Espargaro has arrived at Le Mans full of desire and enthusiasm.

"I can't wait to get on the track, because in spite of the good feelings on the bike, I have so far never been able to achieve anything and get where I think we deserve, which is on the podium. Hopefully the weather will be good and we will be able to stay up front. The test went very well and both Maverick and I were among the fastest. Even on race Friday we were fifth and sixth, but then with the two-bike strategy and the rear tire for the weather, we complicated our lives," said the Spaniard.

Asked about the regulations of the future, the 34-year-old implicitly revealed his own plans. "As for 2027, I definitely think I will still be here in the paddock, although I don't know in what capacity. In general I think it is going in the right direction. We are racing in the same circuits that Doohan and Criville were racing with the 500cc and the Moto3s are doing 500cc laptimes. So it means that the circuits are not prepared anymore. We can modify a little bit, but the space, it is how it is. So, we need to reduce a little bit the performance, the engineers are too intelligent, too much technology. So we need to block this a little bit. And for the show also I think it's going to be better. Fewer devices and aerodynamics means more difficult motorcycles to ride and more chances to overtake. In my opinion what is important is that there are many manufacturers to battle and not just two or three", he analyzed going into detail about the functioning of the so-called "devices."

"They are needed at the start and in the corners because they give stability, this makes overtaking become more complicated because the trajectory is always perfect. Looking at the aerodynamics a good part of the group has always raced this way. I, on the other hand, tried the Ducati without wings and after fourth gear you couldn't accelerate any more. Now you go full throttle already in first. So I think that the revision of the rules will change many things", was his opinion.

Speaking of crashes, the rider from Granollers recalled the one he suffered on this French circuit in 2015 when he was racing for Suzuki, the one suffered in Germany when he was still in Moto 2 and which caused him to fracture his vertebrae, and the one in 2023 at Silverstone, before making his consideration, "Accidents are not forgotten, but when you are racing your brain removes them because you just want to be fast. Certainly the one I had here was scary. An incredible flight. I could have been very hurt. Anyway, they are part of our sport. Does getting older change anything? No, only the perception of risk from age 28 and up changes, but crashes don't affect your approach to riding."


Translated by Julian Thomas

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