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MotoGP, Fast by Prosecco Jerez, Pernat: "Bagnaia made it clear to Marquez who's n.1"

VIDEO - The end-of-race format with Carlo Pernat in the company of an excellent Prosecco DOC. Carletto comments for us on the great race in Andalusia, with a heart-stopping duel between Pecco and Marc. Bad mistake for Martìn, who has to also think about the World Championship.

MotoGP, Fast by Prosecco Jerez, Pernat: "Bagnaia made it clear to Marquez who's n.1"
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The Jerez Grand Prix was undoubtedly a great show on the track, after a Sprint Race that resembled a demolition derby. The pivotal moment was the amazing no-holds-barred duel between Pecco Bagnaia and Marc Marquez, with the Italian rider coming out on top thanks to a class act. There were all sorts of things going on over the weekend, also from a weather viewpoint. But, with the sun shining on Sunday, a few sips of Prosecco DOC before commenting on the race were needed. A toast with Carlo Pernat, who talked about the fourth round of the 2024 World Championship.

"One heck of a Grand Prix! Pecco Bagnaia told Marc Marquez 'I'm number one!' Great race, maybe the best of Pecco's career. He reached the lap record in the finale against a very strong Marquez. A phenomenon who tried to overtake him in every way possible. But Bagnaia was done with that. He must have kept thinking 'I'm the king'. A nice comeback for Bezzecchi, given the difficulties he had at the beginning with the 2023 bike. Then there were five Ducatis in front, which is a lot. Bastianini didn't start off well. He could do better than a fifth behind Alex Marquez, but I think the key to the future of this season is Martìn's fall. With all the vantage points he had, he could've maybe handled it a little better. But that's the way he is. He could've handled it a little better because sometimes managing the vantage points wins world championships. It was a shame, but it's a very short ranking with Martìn, Bagnaia, and Bastianini fighting for the world championship.

Aprilia was disappointing. We expected something better after the feat of two Sundays ago. Viñales started off badly today as well. He has these ups and downs that I hope we don't see again. I think he can fight for the world championship if he solves these problems. I also expected better from KTM. But Acosta took a hit in the warm-up and raced with a microfracture. He did the best he could, but when a rookie takes certain hits, it's normal to be affected later on. Binder isn't what he used to be. Miller, on the other hand, is evaporating. So, I think they have to set the team straight for 2025.

Yamaha and Honda are always the same old song. At least Yamaha has a better future because they started bringing on engineers like Bartolini from Ducati, Marmorini from Ferrari. I'm sure that, with the concessions, it can at least become a fast bike if not a winning one. Honda, on the other hand, seems lost. I feel very sorry for Marini because he made a choice that, maybe going back, he wouldn't make again. But I hope it'll also be better for them in the future."


Translated by Leila Myftija

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