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MotoGP, Bastianini: "The choice of Ducati puts pepper, but I am very calm"

"In this first part it was important not to overdo it. In the tests we took a big step forward, and now I'm confident even if the first part of the corner bothers me."

MotoGP: Bastianini:

Enea Bastianini filed Monday's Jerez test with the ninth fastest time. Despite a bad fall at the start of the day, the Ducati rider made important steps forward in terms of confidence as he said at the end of the session

"Unfortunately, it didn't start the day in the right way ," he said , "I had a bad crash at 7, I came too wide and tried to put it in anyway, but the bike didn't agree (smiles). Fortunately I didn't get hurt, although after the fall I got nervous. But then I calmed down, carrying on with the work to be done. At the end of the day I am very happy, because we improved and the braking is now like the others, so we made a good step. Also on the pace we have grown."

There is still something to file, however.
"The first part of the corner still bothers me in the slow section, we can do more. Today, however, a big step was made and running on the low 1'37" with the 25-lap tires bodes well."

Now it's on to Le Mans.
"Le Mans will be a friendly track, I already won there in 2022. I also won in America the same year, but then I didn't repeat myself. It will be important to see if what we tried today will also go well on other tracks, and I want to be confident."

In all of this, there is then the market to hold sway with the choice of Bagnaia's partner for 2025.
"A little bit of pepper is normal for the decision to put it, but I am very calm. In this first part it was important not to overdo, but to try to regain the automatisms, my riding was not 100 percent. However, I managed to get my results and now it is important to get more."

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