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MotoGP, Vinales: "I asked Aprilia for a solution for the start"

"Compared to the opponents we are weak, so I can't make up positions. In general we need to improve especially in the wet. Testing? I will work on the brakes with a view to Le Mans and Montmelo where the goal is to attack."

MotoGP: Vinales:

Of course Jerez was not the magical weekend of Austin, but at least Maverick Vinales ended the Spanish interlude with a ninth place finish after regretting yesterday's crash in the Sprint.

"We started the weekend well, but we still lack completeness in all conditions.In particular we struggle in the wet. Opponents were more incisive in qualifying and I was not even able to get the second row. In such cases when you then go into the race the tires suffer more and slip. Nevertheless I was able to keep a podium pace. We have to take this as a lesson and above all find a solution to strengthen ourselves at the start, because then you can only hold the position but not overtake someone or attack. This is precisely why I specifically asked Aprilia to provide us with something extra. Otherwise, if I had started further ahead I would have lapped on 1'37" instead of 1'38". Overall what I understood was that we have to be more prepared because a similar situation could arise again in Le Mans."

The Iberian then went into the specifics of the technical issue. "We have an A and a B bike. Normally I prefer the A which, at this juncture was similar to the one used in Texas, but after the accident I had to opt for the B. Let's say that resembling each other I had no difficulty. I repeat, to date the start is our weak point. Since last year we have grown, but if I compare with other manufacturers, I notice a deficit."

Looking ahead to Monday's test session, the 29-year-old revealed, "I would like to focus on the brakes, another area where we have been lacking a bit since the first round of the season. When I brake hard the rear end slips right away, so the goal is to find more grip so that I can stop the bike sooner. I would say there is not much else to review. Overall tomorrow I want to end the session with something concrete to apply in France and then at Montmelo to do better. The mentality is to go to both tracks and attack. Today's Grand Prix must serve as a base for us, because I am convinced that in the dry we would have started from the front row," he concluded with determination.






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