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MotoGP, Bagnaia beats Marquez and wins at Jerez: Bezzecchi 3rd, Martìn down

Pecco and Marc give life to a spectacular duel, with the Ducati champion prevailing only in the final. Bezzecchi on the podium, wastes all Jorge Martìn who falls while in command

MotoGP: Bagnaia beats Marquez and wins at Jerez: Bezzecchi 3rd, Martìn down

14:50 - Here ends our LIVE coverage of the Spanish Grand Prix in Jerez, thank you for following it with us! Stay tuned to GPOne for all the protagonists' statements directly from the paddock and remember tonight's appointment with our Bar Sport. Stay Tuned!

14:47 - Pecco Bagnaia won for the third consecutive time the Grand Prix in Jerez, giving a performance to be framed. Pecco in fact gave life to a magnificent duel with Marc Marquez, always fair but absolutely no holds barred. A great confrontation that represents the first of many to come probably. Marco Bezzecchi watched the duel closely, but was never in the game for the victory. At least the Bez took his first GP podium of the season, ahead of Alex Marquez and Enea Bastianini, who was very fast throughout the race but found Binder in his way who slowed his recovery.

The one who wasted it all was Jorge Martìn, who was in the lead in full control over Bagnaia when he ended up on the ground in the early stages of the race. This was Martìn's first real mistake in this 2024, with the Spaniard in any case retaining the lead in the rainbow standings at 92 points, with Bagnaia, however, coming very close by moving to 75 and thus to -17. Bastianini is third at 70, while it is now 4th Acosta with 69 points. Pedro made a disastrous start today and then ended the race in 10th position.

LAST ROUND - Bagnaia wins over Marc Marquez and Marco Bezzecchi, after a beautiful race!!! Alex Marquez 4th on Bastianini. Standings

LAST ROUND - Bastianini manages to pass Binder on the last lap!

LAST LAP - The last lap begins with Bagnaia having half a second on Marquez, who wants to try to bring himself within striking distance but seems too far away.

LAP 24 - Two laps to go and Bagnaia has dug a small but important gap on Marquez, who is now over half a second behind Pecco! Bezzecchi drops off, Pecco sets a new track record. The race is decided now, as Marc needs to respond now to have a chance on the last lap, but at the moment he seems too far away to attack.

ROUND 23 - Marquez sinks again and Bagnaia responds, spectacular maneuvers continue between the two, confrontation of a very high level. Bezzecchi meanwhile has pulled back to 1.5 seconds. Three laps to go, but it will be a fight of nerves between these two champions.

ROUND 22 - Marquez lunges and passes Bagnaia!!! Now Marc leads the race, but after a while Pecco responds!!! Beautiful duel!!!It has begun a confrontation with an epic flavor, neither of them wants to give up, it will be very hard until the checkered flag!!!

LAP 21 - They are now very close, Marquez less than 2 tenths!!! Pecco in trouble, the real duel for this race begins. Bezzecchi collapsed to 2.4 seconds. Bastianini fails to get the better of Binder after so many attacks....

ROUND 20 - The standings with Bagnaia still the leader but now only 5 tenths ahead! Fireworks soon!!!

GIRO 19 - On the ground Morbidelli and Miller, bad contact between the two but they are okay. Bagnaia makes the race record, Marquez at 8 tenths. They are both pushing hard. Bezzecchi at 1.6 seconds, by now he has given up any hopes of victory. Bastianini attacks Binder but goes wide and Brad passes again.

ROUND 18 - Duel on the edge of tenths between Bagnaia and Marquez, with Marc recovering slowly but surely. Soon we could see a good duel between the two. Bastianini attacks Binder, but can't pass him...Bezzecchi now at 1.4 seconds, he's dropping off.

ROUND 17 - Rustic duel between Acosta and Miller for 10th place with Pedro lunging at Jack. Marquez meanwhile brings his gap to 6 tenths on Bagnaia, Bezzecchi on the other hand does not keep up. Too bad for Bastianini, who laps exactly like Bagnaia but is 4, 4 seconds away and is suffering the cap of Binder, who is slower but very difficult to overtake.

ROUND 16 - Bagnaia leads when we are over halfway through the race, but Marc Marquez has begun to erode his gap, now under a second. Bezzecchi at 9 tenths, not keeping up with Marc, while Alex Marquez has moved closer to Bez. Bastianini still glued to Binder for 5th position.

LAP 15 - The standings as Bagnaia leads over Marquez! Marc after passing Bezzecchi has increased the pace, but Bagnaia is also pushing hard!

LAP 14 - Right now the fastest on the track is Marc Marquez, but he can't find the space to attack Bezzecchi and think about going after Bagnaia. Marquez breaks the delay and passes Bezzecchi!!! Very clean overtaking, Marc now 2nd behind Bagnaia. Gap between the two of 1 second

LAP 13 - Bagnaia brings his lead over Bezzecchi to 1 second, with Marc Marquez now catching up to the Bez. Savadori pits, possibly waving goodbye to the race. Bastianini meanwhile has already caught Binder for 5th place and looks like he can attack him.

ROUND 12 - Jorge Martìn crashes !!! Jorge throws the race away while he seemed in control, now Bagnaia is leading over Bezzecchi and Marquez. Great twist!!! Meanwhile, Bastianini has passed Oliveira and is now sixth. Enea is lapping very strong, but he is 4 seconds behind Bagnaia.

LAP 11 - Zarco crashed and Aleix Espargarl also ends up on the ground. GP to forget for both, who also crashed yesterday. Martìn meanwhile continues to push ahead of Bagnaia, with Bezzecchi and Martìn following. Alex Marquez 1.2 seconds behind his brother, then Binder, Oliveira and Bastianini. Vinales meanwhile has moved up to 10th position.

ROUND 10 - Let's take a look at the standings with Martìn still the leader.

ROUND 9 - Martìn and Bagnaia try to dig a gap on Bezzecchi, who however responds and moves up to 6 tenths. Marc Marquez is currently not attacking Bez. Bastianini glued to Oliveira for 7th position, bad the official Aprilia with Vinales 12th and Espargarò 17th.

ROUND 8 - Martìn still leading on Bagnaia, Alex Marquez is closing the gap on Marc who is 4th, and he is pulling Binder, Oliveira and Bastianini. The game is still wide open as there will be a tire drop.

LAP 7 - Martìn pushes, but Pecco doesn't give up a millimeter, the two are very close. Bezzecchi at about 6 tenths, then Marquez at minus two. Di Giannantonio meanwhile passes Miller for 9th position. Bezzecchi is losing tenths upon tenths and seems to be acting as a bit of a stopper for Marquez.

ROUNCH 6 - Bagnaia tries to chase Martìn, who resists. Bezzecchi very close, then Marquez. These 4 riders are creating a gap on the chasers, with Alex Marquez 5th over Binder and Oliveira. Bastianini still 8th, then Miller and Di Giannantonio. They continue to tease Martìn and Bagnaia, a great confrontation at the top!

GIRO 5 - Pedrosa crashed, thus ends his GP. The classification with Bezzecchi passing Marquez at the last corner!

GIRO 4 - Martìn tries to impart a good pace, Bagnaia keeps up. Marquez always lurking, with Bezzecchi glued. The group is shelling out. Oliveira 7th and first Aprilia rider in the standings. Morbidelli sets the fastest lap, but is only 14th. Bastianini, on the other hand, is 8th.

ROUND 3 - Bagnaia leads the race ahead of Martìn and Marquez, then Bezzecchi and Alex Marquez. Five Ducatis ahead of everyone, then Binder. DUEL with Martìn passing Bagnaia who is first passed and then returns the overtake to Marquez. Start of the race with fireworks!!! Bezzecchi meanwhile glued to Marquez

ROUND 2- The classification at the first pass on the finish line with Bagnaia also passing Marquez!!! Then Martìn passes Marquez

GIRO 1 - The lights go out and the best at the start is Marc Marquez who sneaks ahead of Martìn and Jorge Martìn, then Bezzecchi and Bagnaia! Good start, no problem! Very bad start for Acosta, only 17th! INCREDIBLE SURPRISE OF BAGNAIA who climbs to second position

14:00 - The warm-up lap is started, GOOD RACE TO ALL!!!

13:59 - The Michelin sheet arrives with the tire choices made by the riders, all lined up except Bradl.

13:58 - Enea Bastianini made a mistake yesterday throwing away a possible podium, today however he could be in the group of aspirants for victory.

13:56 - Lots of eyes on Marc Marquez, who yesterday before the crash had shown he had the pace to win. Will today be his first success with Ducati?

13:54 - New crowd record in Jerez just announced: 300,000 attendance over the weekend!

13:54 - Meeting between two very important figures of Motorsport in Spain: Carlos Ezpeleta and Carlos Sainz Sr!

13:53 - Big crowd in the stands in Jerez, luckily the Grand Prix always draws a huge crowd to this track!

13:52 - The Spanish anthem resounds on the Jerez grid.

13:50 - Welcome to our LIVE coverage of the Jerez Grand Prix! All drivers on the grid, less than 10 minutes to the warm-up lap.

The Jerez Sprint Race was undoubtedly full of twists and turns. It was won by Jorge Martìn, the only one among the bigs not to fall as opposed to Marc Marquez, Pecco Bagnaia, Enea Bastianini, Maverick Vinales and a list of 15 other names. Also on the Sprint podium were Pedro Acosta, a rookie showing the maturity of a veteran, and Dani Pedrosa, promoted to the third step of the podium after Fabio Quartararo's demotion due to wrong pressure.

Marc Marquez crashed shortly after taking the lead, exactly as happened in Texas. The track conditions misled many riders, effectively turning the Sprint into a survival race of sorts. Better weather is expected today, however, with the hope that the entire race will be run in the dry without patches of wet weather on the track that could play tricks on the drivers.

Our LIVE coverage of the Grand Prix will start a few minutes before 2 p.m., Stay Tuned!

This is the MotoGP starting grid in Jerez

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