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MotoGP, Jorge Martin: "When Marc passed me I kept a clear head."

"It was not easy to close the race, there was water on all sides. This morning I was nervous, worried, then I calmed down. I feel we have the pace to win tomorrow."

MotoGP: Jorge Martin:

Saturday in Jerez saw a Sprint race in which the rains of the night and early morning handed the riders a track with ambiguous conditions. Jorge Martin, after a qualifying session that saw him third at the start, immediately imposed himself on his rivals in the race, looking for the paw that had already led him to victory in the past. A very fast Marc Marquez, however, today's poleman, immediately undermined the Pramac team standard bearer, then taking advantage of a mistake he made mid-race at turn 7 to snatch the race lead from him.

The last word, however, fell to the wet patches on the circuit, which without distinction unseated as many as 15 riders in total over the course of the competition, and among the unlucky ones was Marc Marquez himself leading the race at the time. Jorge Martin thus conquered his second victory in the sprints , which enshrines even more firmly his leadership in the standings with 92 points, a good 29 points behind the first of the pursuers Pedro Acosta, also on the podium with second place behind his compatriot.

"It is clear that Jerez is a unique circuit, I am very happy with this result, " the Spaniard recounted, "this morning my heart was pounding, for some reason I was nervous, worried. In the race I started well, then I made a mistake in turn 7 where I risked falling and Marc caught up with me, at the first opportunity he overtook me, at that point I tried to put pressure on him because he was gaining ground, I kept a clear head and then he made a mistake. It was not an easy race to bring home, there was water on all sides and the feeling on the track was not the best , I saw that there were many crashes."

The track was not in the best condition.
"It was hard to close the race, the pace was really fast since this morning and it was really fast in the race as well, but I had immediately noticed some pretty big wet patches on the track. The more the pace increased the more we tried to use the track, but there were a lot of patches on the track, especially at Turn 5 and 8. A lot of riders crashed at the points where there was the most water, I think Marc also crashed for that reason."

What did you think when Marc passed you?
"When I saw him coming, I knew he would have a very strong pace, but I still tried to push to not lose too much distance. At that moment it was not easy to keep my head clear and my concentration but I managed. I think we worked well today and I think we have the pace to be able to fight for the win tomorrow."

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