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MotoGP, Bastianini: "Chattering on the Ducati GP24 is not my problem"

"I felt it only in some places, I think it depends on the riding style and for example Martìn feels it more because of how he stresses the tire in the corners. I haven't raced in Jerez in 2023, but I know I have a very good base to work on."

MotoGP: Bastianini:

Enea Bastianini is currently in second place in the overall MotoGP standings, 21 points behind the leader Jorge Martìn. The Beast has not yet scratched with a stage victory, but he has undoubtedly put on display an excellent state of form and, above all, a growth that in a certain way clashes with all the difficulties that his teammate Pecco Bagnaia is instead facing. Enea's future is still in the balance, with the possibility of being confirmed in the Ducati Factory Team but also with other very interesting scenarios on the plate.

The Jerez stage will be very important for Enea also for his future, as Ducati will certainly want to decide before Mugello what is the name of the future partner of Bagnaia, already confirmed for the next two years. Being competitive in Spain as well may tilt the needle of the scales in favor of Bastianini, who for that saddle knows he has to defeat a more than fierce competition.

"I think I am satisfied with the approach of these first races - the words of Enea - The work with the team went very well, I come from two podiums and they are very good results. I like Jerez, it is a very technical track, I am curious to see how I am put also because I did not race here in 2023. I feel ready though, I think we have a good base and I think we can do a great result here as well."

Why do you think today's MotoGP bikes are setting new records at every track?
"The speed depends on many factors, the tires have improved so much this season but also the overall level of the MotoGPs has grown a lot like every year. We have seen especially in the Sprint Races very fast races, and I think the new generation of tires allows us to put a lot of pressure on the front. Our bike today suffers from chattering sometimes and I think it really depends on this extra grip."

Is chattering on the Ducati GP24 a major problem for you?
"From my point of view it only happened to have chattering in Malaysia during race simulation. In Qatar I had a little bit of it, then in Portimao and Austin it was not my big problem, But I think it depends a lot on each rider's riding style. Everyone makes the tires work differently. Jorge for example stresses the tire more at the maximum lean angle. I hope this will improve in the future, although at the moment it is a minor problem for me."

Do you have any suggestions to give the youngsters in the Rookies Cup?
"I remember very well when I raced in the Rookies Cup, it was 2014. I remember that season very well, I raced on real tracks for the first time and I know how important it was for me. I think for young drivers the right approach is to take it as a game that then can become a real job as it happened to me. In my opinion today it's important for them to have fun on every single lap on the track."

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