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MotoGP, KTM wants to safeguard Acosta: a new contract until 2026 on the table

Pedro has reportedly already accepted a renewal option for 2025, but the intention is to extend the agreement another season and put him in the official team

MotoGP: KTM wants to safeguard Acosta: a new contract until 2026 on the table

Just three Grands Prix were enough to convince even the most skeptical observers of what Pedro Acosta is worth. The rookie, in just a handful of races, has shown that he can already fight at the same level with the top of the class. It is too early to say where he can go, but he is certainly one of those riders not to be missed. KTM, which had signed the Spaniard to a one-year contract with an option for the next, knows this very well.

Clearly, after his performances, some other manufacturer have come forward in an attempt to poach him away, but Pedro has no intention of leaving the Austrian manufacturer, to which he has been linked since the beginning of his career. With KTM he won the Moto3 title and the Moto2 title again with the Ajo team, the wing of the 'orange team' in the two minor classes. This year he switched to GasGas red (but with a 100% official RC16) and his destiny is to return to orange in 2025, to stay there.

According to what GPOne has learned, Acosta is reported to have already accepted a renewal option, but the Austrian top brass wants to take another step to secure the talent from Mazarron for the future as well. On the table, in fact, there is already a new two-year contract to be discussed, which would tie Pedro to KTM until the end of 2026.

The move would be beneficial for both parties, especially thinking about the future developments in MotoGP. The manufacturers, in fact, are finalizing with Dorna in these weeks the new technical regulations for the five-year period 2027-2031. There is talk of a reduction in engine size (to 850 cc) and to a decrease in aerodynamics, probably the various lowering devices will also disappear. A technical revolution in all respects, which could change today's equilibrium.

In this perspective, making only a one-year option count would make little sense. Acosta wants to stay at KTM and even better to do so until the end of 2026; it would make no sense to leave on the eve of a technical change. The Austrian manufacturer, on the other hand, has every interest in securing a treasure it has invested in for so many years and promoting him to the official team.

As in fairy tales, it seems that everyone will live happily ever after (at least until the end of 2026).


Translated by Julian Thomas

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