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Marc Marquez: "My future in the MotoGP? I'm open to every proposal."

"Each constructor has signed with a top rider. Ducati with Pecco, Yamaha with Quartararo, Aprilia will follow them soon. If you're fast on the track, you have more options. That's my goal. Compared to when I was in Honda, I'm having fun and I'm competitive. I'm leaving all the doors open."

MotoGP: Marc Marquez:

The MotoGP is about to embark on its fourth round in Jerez but, in the meantime, the riders market is already in full swing. After Bagnaia's and Quartararo's confirmations, the bikes that are available in the teams are beginning to dwindle. Marc Marquez is certainly one of those important pawns that plays a very important role in the decision-making chessboard of the teams. And his excellent performance, minus the unfortunate falls, in the past few races on the GP23, only raises the question again about the expectations placed on the shoulders of the  MotoGP "Martian". The Spanish rider, whose contract is expiring and is currently on a Gresini team Ducati, is on that shortlist of riders who could certainly aspire towards moving to an official team, whether it be Ducati or another, but, this hasn't been decided yet. Logic would have it that Dall'Igna and Ducati would hold onto the ace and, having him on the factory team, would be a clever marketing move regardless. But it's the Spanish rider himself, in an interview with TNT, who said he's not excluding any options, effectively leaving the doors open to other factories, as well.

"I expect the market to heat up a lot soon," Marc said. But it's still going to take time to close the contracts. Every constructor has signed with a top rider. Ducati did it with Pecco, Yamaha with Quartararo, and I think Aprilia will follow them shortly. They'll keep the other bike free, waiting to decide later. On my part, I'm leaving all the doors open. If you're fast on the track, you have more options to choose from. At the moment, that's my goal. Now I'm in a different position than when I was in Honda. I'm having fun, and I feel competitive. I'm available to listen to all proposals."

The eight-time world champion then throws the proverbial stone into the pond, making himself available to the market, tout court. While Ducati is still being considered the preferred route in the Spanish rider's future, it's nevertheless undeniable that other European constructors like KTM and Aprilia have made great strides in terms of competitiveness. Anything is possible though. After all, Quartararo surprised the market by reinforcing his ties with Yamaha, so the option of an official bike while remaining in Gresini would also be a valid one. It's difficult to make predictions. But what's certain is that, by Mugello, something will start to move, and Marquez will be the needle of the scales of a very eventful market.



Translated by Leila Myftija

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