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SBK, Toprak: "I need to win at Assen, neither I nor BMW have ever done it"

"I was a little worried before I got here, but the bike is working well, and I'm going strong in both dry and wet conditions. My future? Too early to talk about."

SBK: Toprak:

It wasn't an easy day at Assen, with bad weather interrupting the second SBK free practice session. Rain and strong winds were two of the adversaries facing the riders, and uncertain weather is also forcasted for tomorrow. But Toprak Razgatlioglu didn't seem too worried, with his 2nd time behind his old rival Bautista.

"The sensations are good. I feel good," the BMW rider stated. "The bike works well. We only had some problems with the engine brake. I need more in some corners. When I mounted the new tire, I got the secind time. Then it started to rain, and they showed the red flag. In general, it's fine, even when wet. I had good grip."

The Turkish rider looks perfectly comfortable on the 1000 RR, which seems to have been transformed since his arrival.

"I'm trying a new seat, and I like it. They made it quickly. Changing tracks, you also need to change the set-up, and we need to work a little on the engine brake. We have the data, but I hope it's going to be dry tomorrow to work on it," he calmly explained his list of things to do.

Even the crazy weather is under control for Toprak.

"For the first time in my life, I found an incredible wind at turn six, the fast one," he explained. "I went wide twice. I couldn't even turn. It's very strange. After a couple of laps, you adapt, but it was really strong. In fact, I saw everyone close the throttle early."

Misery loves company and, wind or no wind, Razgatlioglu feels he has some cards up his sleeve.

"We have both dry and wet data, and I'm fast," he stressed. "We just don't know which tire is better. With the SC0, I did twenty laps with consistent times, but there was no time to do a race simulation. I was a little scared before I got here, because I was fast in the past, but not strong enough, Instead, the BMW works well and, in some corners, I'm better than on the Yamaha, because it's easier to enter with. Now I'm waiting for the race. There are so many strong riders, but I need to win here because neither BMW nor I have ever done it. Why not do like in Barcelona?" he concluded with a laugh.

But, when asked about his future, he was terse in his answer, "It's too early."


Translated by Leila Myftija

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