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SBK, Bulega: "We were uncertain, I raced in the wet set-up with the slicks."

"Unfortunately, I made a late choice to race with dry tires and, in the end, we couldn't change the set-up. It was difficult in the beginning."

SBK: Bulega:

 A race that was scared from the start. On a crazy Saturday, to say the least, Nicolò Bulega finished out of the top ten after starting from a second position on the grid alongside Rea. The Aruba rider was left with a bitter taste in his mouth, because he missed an opportunity to remain at the top of the class once again.

It was too bad though that, in the tire game, a late choice sent the rookie's ambitions up in smoke, since he took to the track with the wet set-up and slick tires. He explained: "Unfortunately, we made the decision to race with the slick tires a little late, and this didn't give us the chance to prepare the bike with the dry set-up," he said. "I struggled a lot in the beginning and lost a lot of positions. But, even when the track dried, the sensations obviously couldn't be the best."

He then spoke of Sunday: "Today was a day to be shelved, but we'll definitely do everything we can on Sunday to get back into the top positions. This morning, on the wet asphalt, I was able to be fast. We were also competitive in qualifying, taking the front row. So, we'll try to do our best on Sunday."


Translated by Leila Myftija

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