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SBK, Domenicali: "Iannone deserves this moment and more, a future together is possible"

EXCLUSIVE - "Ducati is a work of art on two wheels, and the Panigale V4 represents the quintessence of our philosophy. In 2017 with Andrea we went our separate ways, but now we have found each other again and would like to continue together. Bulega extraordinary, he is going beyond expectations."

SBK: Domenicali:

So many fans, so many insiders, but above all an exceptional rider, Andrea Iannone. The Maniac was in fact present on Monday at the opening of "Forma - Feelings designed by Ducati in Borgo Panigale," which is the exhibition detailing the process by which the design of Ducati motorcycles comes to life, through the continuous search for a union between the harmony of form and technical functionality.

On the occasion of Milan Design Week, the Borgo Panigale-based company showcased its iconic Panigale V4, which is on display at the Museum of Science and Technology in Viale Olona 6.

On the subject of the quality of the Rossa, the company's CEO, Claudio Domenicali, wanted to indulge us with a couple of jokes and then focus on the world of production-based bikes, in which Ducati is leading the World Superbike Championship with Bulega while Iannone is impressing with the Go Eleven Rossa.

"I would say that the Panigale is our icon," he told us, " it represents the quintessence of our philosophy, because on the track it is a bike capable of lapping just 3 seconds from a MotoGP bike at Misano, considering the cost of 32,000 euros. Perhaps it is a somewhat expensive item, but it is also extraordinarily not unattainable, since it can be purchased by a large audience of people."

The Panigale represents a kind of turning point for the company.
"We have an object that allows you to achieve great performance and at the same time with the intention of being looked at for its shapes. I think for example of the tail design or the fact that the Panigale is beautiful monochrome without needing any graphic treatments. This is because the graphics are an addition, whereas the beauty of monochrome needs no makeup. In the end, the graphics are the makeup, and for me the idea of shaping the material to make it so that when painted it can reflect light in such an exciting way is beautiful, all with a 215-horsepower engine inside it, capable of coming in only 3 seconds behind the MotoGP bike."

This Panigale is currently the Queen of Superbike. After Bautista's titles, Bulega is now leading the World Championship and Iannone is amazing everyone. What do you think of our fellow Italians?
"I come from the racing world and I have kept a very direct relationship with all the guys who ride with us, in fact I have a special affection for both of them. Nicolò has grown up within us, showing outstanding and gradual progress in SuperSport, then turning out to be very strong on his first test with SBK last year. I expected him to do well, but he is doing better than expected, so he is outstanding."

How much has Iannone impressed you?
"Andrea's is a very welcome return and he deserves everything that is happening and even more in the future. I think he was stuck in a situation bordering on the paradoxical in terms of how his case evolved, as an initial sanction was then extended, leaving everyone perplexed in terms of assessment. Today, however, he is a rider in great shape to race in SBK. Perhaps MotoGP is a more physically demanding category, offering probably the most between the ages of 20 and 30. After that it becomes more complicated, but not impossible, unlike SBK which is less stressful from the point of view of the load it puts on the rider. So I think Iannone can have some great races and a great second half of his career."

"Some loves take immense turns and then come back," one might say?
"In 2017 our paths went their separate ways. Unfortunately, that's the way it was, because we were very happy and fond of him, in fact we would have been happy to continue together. Sometimes, however, things do not go as planned, but today we found each other again and would like to continue. In addition to being very talented, Iannone is a good guy who deserves more than what he got and we hope he will be on a Ducati."

Given the results and with the market ready to take off, Iannone will be much sought-after by many.
"That is absolutely possible. He is doing well with Ducati, however, and I think there is room to consider his future together."


Translated by Julian Thomas

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