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MotoGP, Justin Marks, Trackhouse: "We got lucky with Brivio, and we look forward to a second GP in Tennesee."

VIDEO - "What we learned in NASCAR is helping us. We didn't know about Liberty Media. In America we say: the harder you work the luckier you will get."  

MotoGP, Justin Marks, Trackhouse: "We got lucky with Brivio, and we look forward to a second GP in Tennesee."

Interview by Tiziano Niero

MotoGP is travelling fast into the future, and in its own future it sees first and foremost the American stars and stripes. Not only those of Liberty Media, which recently acquired a majority stake in MotoGP, but also those of the Trackhouse team, formerly known in the world of NASCAR four-wheel racing and now arriving in the MotoGP world of two wheels. A decision, that of the company owned by Justin Marks, that is proving to be increasingly forward-looking, in view of the changes coming as early as next year, chiefly a second circuit on U.S. soil. In this interview, former racing driver and Trackhouse CEO Justin Marks, who was present in Austin, spoke to us about this beginning of his MotoGP experience, his feelings and future goals in a rapidly evolving MotoGP.

Is MotoGP what you expected it to be?
"It's hard like I expected it, but it's also been a tremendous amount of fun," commented the Trackhouse CEO, "Everybody's been very welcoming of us and very helpful to us. Obviously the excitement of motorcycle racing on the racetrack never disappoints. It's nice to be here, we work so hard between the races to build this team so it's nice then you come to the racetrack and you get to enjoy what it is, which is one of the greatest motorsports in the world."

Is the organization very different from NASCAR with which you are more familiar?
"In some ways it is very different, obviously with all the international travel and logistics and things like that it's pretty unique to MotoGP. But at the end of the day it's a race team, whether it's two wheels or four wheels it takes the same type of commitment, the same attention to detail, and cameraderie and teamwork to be successful. We've been able to use what we learned in NASCAR to help build this team quickly, by putting good programmes together for the mechanics, spending time with them and really building this team and mindframe."

Despite being newcomers to MotoGP, you may already have your home GP next year with the Flatrock Motorsports Park.
"The discussion is to really take a look at North America and determine where we can race a second time.Those guys in Tennessee are building a track to be able to host a MotoGP race, and I think it would be exciting, I live in Tennessee so it would be exciting to have the race close to the house. But there are some other opportunities out there and for MotoGP to take another step in popularity in the U.S., we have to find another place. I know some of those options and they are pretty exciting as well, so we will see."

Justin Marks with the 100th GP cake for Fernandez

The world of MotoGP is changing and you are in the middle of this revolution, not only because of the second track but also because of one of the most competitive bikes, the Aprilia, at the moment.
"It's great timing, a lot of luck involved," admitted the CEO , "I think we're going to look back on this and say that it was one of the best decisions we ever made in the history of our company is to come in right now in this way. There's been a lot of luck involved, I didn't know that Liberty Media was talking with MotoGP before forming the team, I had no idea. We got lucky with a workforce of people ready to work for a new team, Davide Brivio accepting our offer and coming in. So there have just been a lot of special things that happened right at the right time. There is a big future for the sport, not only in America but worldwide, so we were very fortunate to be here at this moment and be able to ride that wave."

In Italy we say that fortune favors the bold.
"In America we have a saying, 'the harder you work the luckier you will get.' We do work very hard, we treat people right and make the right decision, put yourself in good positions and these types of things come your way."


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