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MotoGP, Bagnaia: "In the race until the sixth lap, then I suffered with the tires."

"In particular, the right side of the front ripped, while the left side was vibrating. We have some work to do, but I am convinced that we will be back fighting for the first two positions, which are ours. Acosta? Still more surprising than expected."

MotoGP: Bagnaia:

Pecco Bagnaia's weekend in Austin ended with a meager fifth place that did not leave him at all satisfied.

"I got off to a good start and until the sixth lap I was feeling very good, ready to fight for the win or at least the podium, but from that moment we had to defend ourselves, because if I was strong under braking, otherwise I was struggling . I was feeling a lot of vibrations and my front was closing. Now we just have to work and try to complete the races even in the difficulties as happened today. When the time comes to attack and stay in front we will do it," the Ducatista analyzed before moving on to tire choice.

"This morning we mounted the Sprint rear so we could put more laps on the soft not having had the opportunity before and evaluate if it could be valid for the GP. It's true that I lapped on the 2'03"5, but all in all it had responded well despite the vibrations. I tried the medium on Friday and it wasn't bad, but on the left there was some problem. Could it have been better? I don't know, anyway we opted for the soft compound and that was the outcome. Probably, without mistakes, with my same choice Bastianini would have won, although in the end Vinales and Acosta were on medium," he said.

Taking stock of the sensations felt in the saddle, the Chivassese rider said, "With the old bike here I was flying, I was going much stronger and in fact last year I had a weekend similar to that of Vinales despite the fall on Sunday. I was very comfortable and in fact I had struggled very little. This time on the contrary I suffered more on a physical level."

Going into detail about the behavior of the tires, about the front, the Piedmontese champion confided, "Atone point the right side began to tear, as never happened to me before, especially here, consequently facing the right-hand corners was hard, not to mention the vibrations on the left. However, it's routine now. Something always happens to us that we have no control over. We are still discovering the GP24. Overall it was an anomalous weekend, considering that Martin was competitive from start to finish, me on Friday, while Enea got off to a slow start, while today he was faster. We need to figure a few things out. As a start of the season it reminds me of 2022 when I had to fight to bring home some points in the race. Certainly today's placing is not ours; we are top two places. By rolling up our sleeves we will make it. I have to say that in the group I noticed a certain aggressiveness, when I think it was the case to manage more calmly instead."

Speaking of the Desmosedici's changes from the old version, he said, "There have been changes to the engine and weight distribution. Now the weight is more on the front. I like it better this way, however, we need to find the confidence again."

To finish a comment on Acosta's performance. "Pedro is surprising me, because he is strong, doesn't worry about anything, and fights like he has great experience behind him. Kudos to him. I think he represents a good combination with KTM," he concluded



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