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MotoGP, Austin Grand Prix: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

In the spaghetti-western of the Texas race Vinales and Acosta give it out, Bagnaia takes it, and Marquez knocks himself out. A great show, but not for everyone

MotoGP: Austin Grand Prix: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

The Austin Grand Prix was a spaghetti-western full of fisticuffs, in which slaps were given out and taken. Vinales, like Bud Spencer, knocked everyone out with a single blow; Acosta, a novice Terence Hill, preferred to be nimble. There was fun and lots of it, but not for everyone. While Bastianini dodged the attacks and took a podium, Martin and especially Bagnaia end up by being knocked out. As did Marquez, who eliminated himself. It was a great show, and the Japanese motorcycle riders were not invited, but there's nothing new there.

THE GOOD - Vinales was so wonderful in Austin that he even made up for his elementary school party disguises. Maverick doesn't need masks, just look at his face, the face of someone who has rediscovered what it means to win. Smiles and tears might not form part of a superhero's wardrobe, but they do the job.

THE BAD - At the track where it took its last victory last year, Honda this weekend did not pick up a single point. In fact, the only one to make it to the finish line was Luca Marini, who goes slow but not very far. A test in Barcelona is on the agenda, but a miracle would be needed.

THE UGLY - Even in the best couples there are moments of crisis, Bagnaia and his Ducati are going through it. They don't understand each other, they bicker and arrive late (for the podium). The king and queen of past balls are now stepping on each other's toes without finding the right rhythm. Some couples therapy is needed, not with a psychologist, just engineers for these problems of the heart.

DISAPPOINTMENT - Tough times for anyone riding an Aprilia or KTM, not for the bike but for their respective teammates. With Vinales and Acosta like that, everything else is boring. Like the races of Binder and Espargarò, who ended up as missing in action rather than being downsized.

CONFIRMATION - Pedro Acosta lets the others worry about him as he discovers the new MotoGP playground. Like a child he wants to try all the rides and would never get off. He takes home a few statistical records, but the best is yet to come.

MISATAKE - It was all the fault of the brakes, but also of Marc Marquez. Who tried as he should have done, but it ended as it shouldn't have done. Despite the crash, for a few corners he was able to see a view of the clear track ahead again, and that is already a small victory.

SURPRISE - Sergio Garcia broke the ice in Moto2. After last year it was hard to believe, but the Boscoscoscuro cure has had miraculous effects on him as well. And he is also leading the World Championship.

PASS - For once, we are spoiled for choice. For quantity Vinales wins hands down, but for quality Acosta. Take your pick, you still won't go wrong.

CURIOSITY - Ivan Ortola's new strategy involves knocking out his opponents and then stealing their bikes. It doesn't work.


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TOLD YOU SO - "My best Friday in a long time," Bagnaia said after the first day of practice in Austin. Little did he know that the worst would come on Saturday and Sunday.


Translated by Julian Thomas

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