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MotoGP, Marquez: "The important thing is that I fell when I was in command"

"Unfortunately, I had a problem with the brake lever, maybe due to the pressure. In fact, I had to brake twice, and I fell. We’re on the right track, and we know everything that’s happening."

MotoGP: Marquez:

The disappointment is great, because the occasion seemed really tantalizing. During the 11th lap, at Turn 11, Marc Marquez ended up falling right when he was in command  of the Austin GP in front of Pedro Acosta. A slip up caused by problems related to the brake, as he then explained after the race. He was disappointed on one hand but, on the other, he was aware that the work they’ve done is going in a certain direction.

"The important thing is that we’re on the right track and, today, I ended up falling while I was in charge of the race," he began. "When you start with a new project, there are so many new things to learn. What matters is that everything that happened to me has a reason, and we know what it is. I was at a good level today, but there’s a reason for the fall, and that's the important thing."

Marc then explains the reason.
"When a rider falls, it's the rider's mistake. Today, I struggled with the front brake, because the lever touched my finger, and I couldn’t brake well. In fact, I wanted to lead the race to see if anything would change with the decrease in temperatures. By the time I got to turn eleven, the first time I squeezed the bike, it didn't stop. As a result, I had to brake a second time at high speed, and I fell. This was all probably due to the pressure."

You were obviously really disappointed.
"The fall hurt me, because there was speed, there was the desire ,and also that pinch you find on certain Sundays and not on others. When I make a mistake, I make a mistake. When I make a mistake, I say it. Of course, I'm feel bad. I’m aware of what the problem was. Today I only thought about the front brake. I expected a similar situation. But, in the end, these are normal things that can happen. What matters, like already said, is that when we have a problem, we have the answers we need for the future. Winning? I was thinking about the podium today, not the victory. Just before the race, I assessed the medium, but all the other Ducatis used the soft, so I followed."

But it was a great race. You must have had fun.
"The truth is that it was a very intense race, right up to the end. Already at the first corner, I was hit by Bastianini, who came up fast and did his job. I had to get back in, and when I did, I made a mistake at the last corner. Two riders passed me, I got back in and, when I managed to lead the race, I made the mistake, when I had already done everything difficult. More than angry, I'm frustrated because, even with the front brake problems, I managed to get there, and that makes me calmer."

He analyzed the technical problem, and ended the post-race by talking about the path to take with his new crew chief, Carchedi.    
"Carchedi and I are getting to know each other. Like the riders, the crew chiefs also have strengths and weaknesses. I try to explain what I lack, but understanding it and doing it is another thing. We have the data available, but the rider's word is the most important thing. We’ve progressed here in Austin, and now we have to see if we’ll have the same confirmation in Jerez. What matters is that we're not in a situation where we don't know what's going on."

There was still time for a few words about the winner, Maverick Viñales.
"Maverick has always been very fast here. We won't say it's just thanks to the Aprilia, but he's very strong. We'll see if he'll be able to be consistent throughout all the races. If he is, he'll be one of the favorites for the title," was Pedro Acosta’s excellent opinion.

And, of course, yet another excellent opinion by Pedro Acosta.
"I said it in the press conference in Qatar, and I’ll repeat it now: he’s a super talent. And, when you’re a super talent, you go fast on all the bikes and in all the sports. He’s proving it. He’s going very fast, and the victory will come, sooner or later."


Translated by Leila Myftija

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