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MotoGP, Marc Marquez: "I'm realistic, but the dream will be to fight to win tomorrow"

"We have to be realistic, Vinales and Martin are faster, as are Acosta, Bastianini and Bagnaia. But it's good to be fighting in the top positions again. Today I had vibrations on the bike, tomorrow the key to the race will be lap consistency, on a third step of the podium I would put my signature on it."

MotoGP: Marc Marquez:

The expectations placed on Marc Marquez today in Austin were as high as when the stars align and you know you can make a wish. Although Marc has always tried in recent months to keep his feet on the ground, it is undeniable that the Spaniard is already dreaming thanks to the new Ducati from Borgo Panigale.The American circuit has always been among the favorites of the eight-time world champion, and his excellent performance in qualifying today, which saw him start third from the front row, hinted at just as much spectacle on the track. The Spaniard made no bones about it, and with an excellent start he immediately launched himself in pursuit of an uncatchable Vinales, juggling at the same time on a GP23 that was accusing vibration problems, and parrying the blows of an already mature Acosta on his KTM.

What Marc may not have expected is that this second step on the podium here in Austin, the second result since his arrival at Ducati, was also the best result among the Ducatis on the track today. Therefore, the Spaniard can only say he is satisfied, and, despite the problems, he managed without making mistakes, aware that he has not yet fully explored the limits of his bike.

"Something really strange happened today - says Marc Marquez- this morning we took a step forward but then problems emerged in the free session that made me make mistakes, and I had neither the time nor the concentration to deal with them, so I kept calm and had to absorb them with my riding style. I was careful and avoided making mistakes, and then in the last few laps I was able to regain my speed and catch up, especially in that T1 where I was losing a lot, so I'm satisfied with how I handled the race."

A question of vibration?
"I don't know what Martin said, but I think it was a similar problem to his. We have to figure out what happened."

You've always been competitive here in Austin, have you regained the feeling on the track that you had in the past?
"Obviously I have changed," he admitted, " the first sector in the past has always been one of my strong points and now it has become the point that gives me the most problems. Now I suffer more than normal in the changes of direction."

In the race you also struggled a lot with Acosta and defended yourself against his attacks.
"A lot also depends on the speed you can maintain, when I know I can close the line I try. Regardless of overtaking, it's a pleasure to be able to fight at the top of the standings."

Were you surprised by Vinales' performance?
"He is in top form, as he was at Portimao, and I think if he can maintain this consistency of results throughout the season, he will be among the contenders for the title this year."

Not a podium finish in the strict sense, but if you had to compare this result to Portimao?
"In Portimao the feeling on the bike was better, here I rode worse, the feeling was not great, but despite that I finished second. This is good because it makes me realize that I have not yet reached the limits of this bike. Tomorrow we will try to solve these problems and be more consistent, because Vinales was today and he was very fast."

What expectations do you have for tomorrow, do you think it is possible to replicate this result?
"If you told me I would finish third tomorrow I would put my signature on it right away. This is my job but we also have to be realistic, of course I will fight to win, but that is the dream, the reality is that Vinales and Martin are faster, without forgetting also Acosta, Bagnaia and Bastianini, also very fast on the race pace. We will have to see the temperatures and choose the right tires, but lap consistency will be the key for tomorrow's race."


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