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SBK, Bautista: "Acosta has everything to start a new era in MotoGP."

"Pedro has a unique style. He still has to learn, but he will become like Rossi, Lorenzo and Marquez. I expected to see Marc immediately competitive with Ducati because he is a good rider. He is also calmer now."

SBK: Bautista:

After a complicated start to the season, result of the injury suffered in the winter, Alvaro Bautista was all smiles again at Montmelo after a podium in Race 1 and success in Race 2. More relaxed and with a clearer mind than a few weeks ago when he was still struggling with his physical recovery, the Spaniard has been giving his views on the MotoGP championship, which in its early stages has provided some nice surprises and, above all, has offered exciting duels that bode well for an uncertain championship until the end.

The 39-year-old even spoke of "anarchy" defining the 2024 start of the premier class. "Now it is much more open, there is more spectacle. It's a real chaos - was his comment - In SBK we have fun and there is no problem, but I really liked what I saw in the first weekend in Qatar."

What most impressed the two-time WSBK champion - as well as fans and insiders - was the performance of Acosta ."You can see that he comes from Moto 2. He rides differently than the others, and that's good in view of all the aerodynamics those bikes have. He still needs to get familiar with the bike, but if he's already doing that with two GPs behind him, he really has room for improvement. He's young and can start a new era. A kind of before and after for him, as happened in the past for Rossi, Lorenzo and Marquez."

And speaking of Marc,it was impossible not to dedicate a thought to him. Having left Honda after a decade with them, the eight-time world champion accepted the Ducati challenge, even changing his approach, now slightly less aggressive than before. "I had no doubts about his competitive level riding the Desmosedici, because if you are good, even if you are a veteran of difficulties, with a good bike it is easy to get back in shape," he pointed out, " Now he is proceeding with caution. In Lusail he was definitely calmer than usual, already in Portimao he took more risks, getting closer to the limit. I think he is doing well overall and will not destroy himself again."


Translated by Julian Thomas

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