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MotoGP, Marc Marquez: "Today I would sign to be on the podium on Sunday in Austin"

VIDEO - Spaniard unveils new helmet for Texas GP. "To victory you get there step by step, there are 3 or 4 riders faster than me. The arrival of Libery Media is good news, you have to create big names, like when Valentino and Stoner were there."

MotoGP, Marc Marquez: "Today I would sign to be on the podium on Sunday in Austin"

It is a cowboy version of Marc Marquez who shows up in Austin in a video where he abandons - momentarily - his Ducati for a horse. You can see it above, a short film to introduce the stars and stripes helmet he will ride with in Texas. CotA is a special place for the Spanish rider, the track where he has won 7 times in the past, including 6 consecutive. With these numbers, many are betting on him for Sunday's race, but the 9-time world champion pulls the reins.

"Obviously we are coming to a good track for me, in the past I have collected many good results, but now, as seen in Portimao, there are 3 or 4 riders faster than me, we will see if I can be closer to them - his words - If you told me today to sign for a podium on Sunday, I would do it. Before you win you have to get on the podium, you have to go step by step."

Marc prefers to keep a low profile, partly because he has yet to discover all the secrets of the Desmosedici.

"It's a completely different bike as a concept from what I was used to," he continued, " The Honda was strong in the stop & go strong, even Rins, last year he showed he was doing well here, let's see how it will be with the Ducati. I know it will be different, but I will try to be smooth. When you come to a track you like you have to have fun and that's my goal. It will be difficult to win, first better results have to come, right now I haven't been able to fight for the podium yet. "

Why is Austin so congenial to Marc? "It turns left, that's the main reason, and it also has stop & go corners - his answer - Also, here I have one of the best memories of my career: my first win in MotoGP at the second race."

Marc Marquez's special helmet for the Austin Grand Prix

When a motorcyclist thinks of Texas, he cannot help but also think of Kevin Schwantz. That goes for Marquez as well.

"I've said it before: he was wonderful to watch. He's part of the kind of riders you remember more for what they did than for titles they won. Kevin was a showman, always pushing 100 percent, and I love that style."

Impossible, finally, not to mention the acquisition of Dorna by Liberty Media.

"I am happy with this news because they have done great things in Formula 1 - the opinion of the Gresini rider - The goal is to reach young people, create big names, like when Valentino, Pedrosa, Lorenzo and Stoner were there. We need to be known by more people, it's a matter of investing in MotoGP and then these things will come."

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