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MotoGP, Bastianini: "Austin is a very physical track, I will try to repeat 2022"

"I won here, two years ago. The asphalt is new and I don't know what to expect this weekend, but I like the track. However, it remains one of the toughest tracks all year, and in the first part of the race you have to conserve your energy."

MotoGP: Bastianini:

The last time he raced there, in 2022, he was the one who won. Enea Bastianini arrives in Austin on the wings of the enthusiasm of second place in Portimao. An encouraging result for the Ducati rider, ready to play a leading role despite the many pitfalls of the weekend.

On his part, however, there is confidence and at the same time the will to aspire to the top step of the podium in the face of certainly hungry competition.

"Last year I had missed the GP due to injury ," he recalled, " but this time I arrive at COTA after podium at Portimao. For me it was an important result, because I am managing to be consistent, plus we have a good set-up. So we will see how to behave."

Enea's attention then shifts to the track.
"Physically it is one of the most difficult races of the whole year. Secrets? I honestly don't know. This is a very physical track and if you waste a lot of energy in the first part of the race, you are then conditioned for the second. That said, I don't think there are any big secrets to tackling a stage like Austin."

The Ducati rider then goes into detail.
"Here in Austin it is important to pull the bike up quickly - the so called 'pick up' - and at the moment we have to intervene to modify this area, because in the current MotoGP the lean angle counts a lot. However, I am of the opinion that we can be close to 2022."

Then among the many issues is the one related to Liberty Media's purchase of Dorna.
"I think it is a positive choice. In F1 the work of Liberty Media has been good and I think they can do the same in MotoGP. However, we have to remember that in 2027 we will have different bikes, so we will see what happens."

Finally, the closing is dedicated to a legend like Schwantz.
"Kevin is one of the greatest ever. I have spoken with him a few times, we saw each other in Italy and it is great to spend time with him. He has a remarkable mind and it is nice to be in his company."


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