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SBK, Pirro: "Driving like today gives pleasure, but the guys make wait ages!"

"I felt better physically, and I managed to ingrain my pace. Delbianco wouldn't let up, but I'm happy because I enjoy riding like this. Finding purpose every year isn’t easy."

SBK: Pirro:

Predicting a one-two by Michele Pirro was difficult at the start of the opening round of the CIV Superbike 2024. The flu had weakened the nine-time Italian champion before the start of the race weekend. A setback that, however, didn't prevent the Barni Spark Racing team rider from succeeding in Race 1, facilitated by the falls of his direct opponents, Luca Bernardi and Alessandro Delbianco. Something that was repeated in the second and final round, resisting the "DB52" with an almost perfect performance.

"I'm happy, because I felt better today than yesterday on a physical level, so I was also able to have a better pace. Luca’s and Ale’s falls certainly paved the way for me,  but I was better today, so I did my pace, and I think it was a very fast race, since I was constant on a  1’36"-1’35" high for all the laps," the rider from Puglia said during the press conference.

An important step for Pirro, also on a motivational level. "Ale wouldn’t let up, but I’m happy, because I have fun when I ride like this. It gives me pleasure," he observed. "Having a pace like this in Misano, in these conditions, I think it’s still a high level, and I thank the team for supporting me throughout the weekend, when I wasn’t well. This is the first day that I’ve woken up without a fever, and I’m happy, because finding a purpose every year isn’t easy. But I always try my best, and the support of the fans, my daughter, and everyone else gives me an extra charge. So, I'm happy, even if I’m 38 years old this year, and the guys make me wait ages," he said, laughing.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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