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MotoGP, Rossi at Mugello with Gilmour: VR46 riders' rock charts

Bagnaia posted the times from the practice session, but the riders are hiding behind the names of rock legends. The fastest was Dave Grohl, who lapped 7 seconds off the MotoGP pole, beating Lenny Kravitz

MotoGP: Rossi at Mugello with Gilmour: VR46 riders' rock charts

"Great to see what incredible artists were on the track today" laughed Pecco Bagnaia on his Instagram profile. Yesterday the VR46 riders were training at Mugello and, of course, the curiosity to know their times was high: the world champion satisfied everyone's curiosity by publishing them, but on the timescreen there are names more befitting a rock festival than a track day.

In fact, the fastest on the day at Mugello was Dave Grohl, who was quicker than Lenny Kravitz by half a second. That the drummer of Nirvana and leader of the Foo Fighters had so many qualities is certainly not new, but that he was able to stop the clocks on the Tuscan track with a time of 1'51"876 (only 7 seconds slower than Bagnaia's pole in MotoGP last year) is something new.

Obviously, behind the names of these music legends are the VR46 Academy riders, who had already done the same in the past using those of their F1 idols . It seems that Valentino Rossi has bequeathed his goliardic spirit to his pupils, and in the Mugello rankings there is no shortage of amusing surprises.

While the Doctor and Pasini were the only ones to use their names, the list of times also includes Bob Marley, Mark Knopfler and David Gilmour. Among so many rock legends, there is no shortage of Italian stars: represented by the evergreen veterans Claudio Baglioni and Giorgio Vanni (famous for singing some of the cartoon theme songs of the 1990s).

Work hard, play hard, in pure Valentino style, although now the curiosity surrounds the actual names in these rider-singer pairings. They are all rock fans, and Bagnaia revealed that he often listens to Metallica before a GP. Bob Marley, on the other hand, is one of Morbidelli's favorite artists. Be that as it may, there is no doubt that the VR46 riders know how to play cool stuff every time they step on the bike.


Translated by Julian Thomas

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