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MotoGP, Zarco: "Marquez in Ducati like a fox in a chicken coop"

"I'm happy to have switched to Honda in the year he arrived at Borgo Panigale. Marc will also be very important for the team in terms of image. The accident with Bagnaia in Portugal? They were both wrong."

MotoGP: Zarco:

Johann Zarco faced four seasons in the MotoGP on a Ducati: from 2020 to 2023. Now that he switched to Honda, which is definitely a less competitive bike, he has nonetheless found reasons to smile. The main one is Marquez's arrival at Borgo Panigale. By virtue of his own blazon, and in the wake of what happened in the past when he joined HRC, he could slowly assume an increasingly important position within the brand, so much so as to disrupt the current hierarchies in which the two-time world champion, Bagnaia, is the absolute reference, and Jorge Martin is the growing talent on whom to officially bet in the near future.

As a spectator from a distance, the Transalpine rider admitted to having watched the events in Portugal with interest when, three laps from the end of the GP, the accident between the ace from Cervera and the champion from Chivasso raised several doubts about how their coexistence could develop, even though the two aren't in the same garage.

Having switched from Pramac to Lucio Cecchinello's team at the end of 2023, the rider from Cannes commented on Canal +: "I'm almost happy to be gone, right at the time of Marc's arrival in the Italian team. I think his role is that of a fox in a chicken coop. Pecco is a very calm guy, but the Spanish rider knows how to be annoying. Plus, on a marketing level, he counts a lot."

Although the 33-year-old is still learning and getting to know the GP23, Marc will give anyone a run for their money. "In my opinion, he's so resolute that he'll be able to win a few races. I also believe that he's already thinking about a title. His desire is to beat Valentino Rossi for number of wins," he said, before concluding with a comment on the events at Portimão: The collision? Maybe Marquez narrowed his trajectory too much, and Bagnaia was overly optimistic. Usually, the blame lies in the middle."



Translated by Leila Myftija

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