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MotoGP, Alzamora: "Marc can fight for the title if he uses his experience."

"I see that he has already achieved his first goal, to get back to having fun. Now he will have to be patient and adapt to the bike, but it seems to me he already has very clear ideas. The crash at Portimao? Bagnaia's fault. Acosta the new Marquez? they are different riders, Marc a pure talent, Pedro a hard-working talent."

MotoGP: Alzamora:

After his long stint as the long-time manager of Marc Marquez and his brother Alex, Emilio Alzamora is getting back into the game by presenting his new project, SeventyTwo Motorsports, with his team in the FIM JuniorGP that will follow four young riders: Guido Pini, Angus Grenfell, Brian Uriarte and Carlos Cano. Twenty-five years after his world title in 125 and after more than 20 years spent in MotoGP, the Spanish manager tells his colleagues at Marca, between past, present and expectations about the future.

Which was better, the period as a rider or the one as a manager?
"It depends on the points of view," Alzamora explains , " In my racing period I fulfilled a dream: I was world champion in 125, but I probably accomplished more as a manager. I never imagined that in the beginning when I started the Estrella Galicia project, I would form the pyramid of the Spanish championship in MotoGP, and all this before Red Bull. These are billion stones of life that make you a reference point, as well as winning world and Spanish championships with riders like Alex Rins, Fabio Quartararo, Alex Marquez... even Pecco Bagnaia trained in our structure. See Alex Marquez's titles in Moto3, then in Moto2 with the Marc VDS deal. Then of course there is Marc and the eight world championships he has won. It is undeniable that these successes are many more than I have achieved in my sporting career", admits the Spaniard.

Why now this new project?
"I am a restless person, I like challenges. I think I still have time to contribute to this racing world that I am so passionate about. You have to feel alive and in action. The opportunity to work with Seventytwo Motorsports has made me want to challenge myself again. They are professional, clear-minded people who take things step by step, yes, we all have a lot of experience, but, in the end, you have to work with humility and also challenge yourself. This challenge to prove again, to build this team, with the coaches I built, and to apply our methodology again, and with these guys, who I think are very talented, are motivations that give you hope to continue."

Is this a new beginning that gives you hope after the breakup with the Marquez family?
"Yes, in life you also take a break, but the passion for this world is still there and in life you have to have enthusiasm."

Marc is now racing on the. Ducati GP23. Can he win the MotoGP title this season?
"More than seeing him win, I see that he has already achieved what he wanted, which is to get back to having fun on a motorcycle, which was his first goal. As for the World Championship title question, a lot will depend on his patience in taking time to adapt to this new bike and understanding that on circuits that are not so favorable to him, he will have to try to finish races by taking as much as he can. From what I have seen in these early stages of the championship, it seems to me that Marc has clear ideas. In the contact with Bagnaia in Portimao, the mistake was Pecco Bagnaia's from my point of view. Marc is now using all his experience. Whoever manages to finish in the top five in ninety percent of the races already has a lot to gain, but I'm not just referring to Marc, he has an advantage to arrive at the end of the year much more adapted to the bike, to the team, to the technician ... and then go and get what he needs to make a difference."

Marc has a contract with Team Gresini that expires at the end of the year. As a manager, what choice would you recommend for him?
"I think Marc already has his experience and his manager to make that choice, it will be up to them."

Acosta has amazed in these early stages of the championship, is he the new Marc Marquez?
"I would not compare Acosta to Marc.They are two different riders. For me Marc honestly is a pure talent, he was a pure talent when he came to MotoGP. Pedro on the other hand is a working talent. That doesn't mean he is better or worse, let's be clear. The results, in the end, are what count. I think there is also another important thing to point out: for riders, at this early stage when they start, the people they have around them are very important. People who train them and devote many hours to them. That's how it works. An important part of Pedro Acosta's success has been Paco Mármol, Pacote. The simple fact that he trains so hard, does so much and has so many people around him who make sacrifices is a very important part."

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