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VESevo, the gun that 'reads' tires, comes to Moto2 with American Racing

The instrument, developed by the Federico II University of Naples, can analyze tires without affecting them. In the intermediate class it will collaborate exclusively with the U.S. team

Moto2: VESevo, the gun that 'reads' tires, comes to Moto2 with American Racing

We had talked a few years ago about VESevo: a system that allows us to understand the behavior of tires on the track without ruining them (HERE you can find all the explanations of the tool designed by MegaRide, a spin-off of the Vehicle Dynamics Research Group of the University Federico II of Naples). Over time, the technology has evolved and today is the announcement of an exclusive collaboration in Moto2 with the American Racing team.

VESevo's technology makes it possible to delve into the intricacies of tire compounds through non-invasive viscoelastic analysis, providing insights that help improve the prototyping and design stages, all the way to a more accurate choice of tires to be used in racing. This process makes it possible to create an optimal strategy based on the type of circuit, bike configuration and environmental conditions.

As part of the technical partnership with American Racing, VESevo will provide the team with the device that enables real-time nondestructive tire analysis. VESevo performs blanket tests on new tires and after several curing cycles to understand the real effect of these on viscoelastic properties, providing suggestions on how to manage the preparation phase before races.

In addition, VESevo will provide American Racing with all the experience and resources needed to develop ad hoc solutions designed specifically for the team's needs; this will result in monitoring and support tools that will help the team make the most effective use of the technology through a full understanding of tire characterization. This information will enable the American Racing Team to formulate optimal race strategies, improving overall performance.

VESevo's technology has been successfully used by prestigious Formula 1, Formula E, Nascar and MotoGP teams, demonstrating its versatility in several racing categories. The collaboration underscores American Racing's commitment to research and development, using analysis and simulation tools to advance two-wheel racing and improve motorcycle performance in the Moto2 category.

Andrea Genovese, CEO of VESevo, said, "American Racing is a unique presence in the Moto2 scene, distinguished by its ongoing commitment to innovation and research. This partnership is further evidence of this approach, adopting innovative technology born in the laboratories of the University of Naples Federico II, of which VESevo is a spin-off. We are excited about this partnership, which aims both to provide a great competitive advantage to the team and to spread and develop this cutting-edge technology from Vesevo to all levels of motorsport."

Matthieu Grodecoeur, technical director of American Racing, added, "Our goal as a team, especially in a very competitive class like Moto2, is to maximize all marginal gains. This has always been our philosophy. This year, with the introduction of a new tire supplier, we took the opportunity to improve our tire knowledge, and we found in VESevo a group of people who are passionate and hard-working, but above all at the top when it comes to tire science. Weare confident of the technical benefits and knowledge we will gain from this partnership in our quest for the world title."

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