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At school with Jorge Lorenzo: 3 more locations in Italy for "becoming champions"

The SMC Motorcycling School was founded thanks to the collaboration of the 5-time world champion and his father Chico. The courses are dedicated as much to beginners as to professionals.

News: At school with Jorge Lorenzo: 3 more locations in Italy for

Passion, fun, method, safety: these are the ingredients that have always characterized the SMC Scuola di Motociclismo. Founded in 2015 thanks to the collaboration with MotoGP world champion Jorge Lorenzo and his father Chico, it aims at becoming a place where  all motorsport enthusiasts can be meet and grow. A constantly evolving project that has involved champions, such as Jorge Martin, Joan Mir, and Tony Arbolino,who trained on the track and that, in these nine years, has given way to no less than five locations in Italy - Como, Vignate (Milan), Orte (Viterbo), Bari, and Agrigento - with the participation of almost 20,000 students. However, these numbers are destined to increase if we consider that, in the next few months, three more schools are scheduled to open in Turin, Sondrio, and Padua.

SMC Scuola Motociclismo welcomes students of all ages and motorcycling levels: from very young riders who cultivate the dream of professionalism (riders that race in the Italian Junior Speed Championship), to road bikers who want to increase their level of road safety, and also professionals (or amateurs) who want to improve their technique and style when on the track. In the SMC, the most modern riding techniques are taught with an established training method that's easy for everyone to learn, through the use of "small wheel" motorcycles, minimotos for children, and pit bikes for adults.

A personalized path of development is defined for each student based on the goals they wish to achieve, in a professional and familiar context, where safety, method and technique are the foundations on which SMC instructors work every day. After assessing the theoretical level of knowledge of a motorcycle and its safety equipment, each student is asked to undergo a series of exercises to determine their riding level (4 levels: yellow - beginner, green - intermediate, blue - expert, black - racer), and define their development, also in relation to their expectations.

The strength of SMC Scuola Motociclismo is its method (intended for asphalt motorcycling), which is designed to teach students to ride safely and consciously, putting into practice several precise rules: learning about the motorcycle and its controls, correct posture to keep on it, and movements to make with each part of the body and in every stage of riding.

The courses are held in facilities closed to traffic and involve specific exercises, in confined spaces and at moderate speeds, where techniques are trained. The repetition of these exercises helps generate automatisms and improve practice, by learning on small bikes and replicating on large bikes, adapting the relevant road or track precautions, all with the supervision of instructors, SMC's real added value. The instructors are motorcycle enthusiasts, with backgrounds in local and national competitions, and are certified by the Italian Motorcycle Federation (FMI). They live in close contact with the students during their lessons: briefing, warm-up, performing exercises on the bike, assesment, and feedback in real time .

SMC Scuola Motociclismo offers everyone the opportunity to approach motorsports at a low cost, with a variety of courses aimed at meeting the needs of the individual rider. The first step for all those who want to start in SMC is the first trial lesson at a cost of 120 Euros (including 2 hours of lessons with motorcycles and instructors, rental of the safety kit - overalls with guards, helmet and gloves - and annual membership), scalable if you then decide to purchase a package of lessons, choosing from different types, from a minimum of 8 hours (4 lessons) to a maximum of 30 hours (15 lessons in total). The costs of these packages are 340 Euros for the 8-hour one, 750 for 20, and 1,100 for 30.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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