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Moto3, Simoncelli: "Honda promised us something new, but we didn't get anything"

Paolo's point after the Portimão GP: "We're racing like we did 30 years ago with the Pirellis. You have to know how to manage the tires. Lunetta and Farioli are motivated. They need to be patient."

Moto3: Simoncelli:

Even in 2024, Paolo Simoncelli hasn't lost the fine habit of putting his thoughts pen to paper after the race weekend. The SIC58 Squadra Corse owner commented on the Portimão Grand Prix, the first European leg of this season, in his own way. There were many innovations, and the team also has a new "home".

These were his words.

"I'm very proud of our new hospitality managed by Marti, in collaboration with the Cortelazzi Family. I'm happy about two things. Everything went well in this first transfer. And I have to admit that my daughter and I "got by" with a good thought. Then seeing Renzo working with us again. Renzo was the one who drove the motorhome for Marco in 2010/11. A wonderful person. A competent and organized go-to guy. It's good to see him around again!

We'll remember 2024 as the year of tire change, rather than climate change, which fundamentally offsett the course of the race. We're back to racing like we did thirty years ago, having to strategize, go slower to manage tire wear, and not reach the checkered flag on the liners. As for our riders ... 'let's pretend we're calm'. Despite the mistakes made by Lunetta or Farioli's questionable racing strategies, they can't be criticized. They're motivated by a lot of desire to do things. They're full of energy, and I believe a lot in them and in the skills of Marco Grana who, not only supports them, but is completely absorbed by this new challenge. It's a time of waiting and patience. New beginnings are always complicated. You have to work to get to know each other, understand each other, and then perform to the best of your ability.

But there is something I want to criticize regarding the Japanese constructor to whom we've been entrusting our results for years. When we renewed the contract in August, we were promised engine development and technical changes. Instead, the only improvements made are thanks to Marco, who tries to lighten the bike as much as possible. You "shorten, tighten, pull" to bring them (almost) on par with the KTMs. But when the blanket is short, you can pull here and there, but something still remains uncovered. I thought the Japanese didn't give certainties if they weren't sure, but I was wrong.

But let's talk about the first race of the MotoE. We have the oldest rider in this championship, Roccoli. But "there's many a good tune played on an old fiddle" is always an appropriate quote. When he becomes more confident with the bike, I'm sure he'll give them a run for their money. Instead, it was a difficult week end for Manfredi who, as we can see from his helmet, bought a house. The post disbursement of money trauma took two seconds off his lap ... Just joking, of course. In any case, we're betting on experience this year in the MotoE! He also has my full trust.

I'll conclude by reiterating. It's time to pat ourselves on the back and stay calm (or pretend to, at least), and everything will go as usual, as it should. Easter is near, so we all wish you a Happy Easter!"


Translated by Leila Myftija

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